Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

I’d love to see Rob/Austin try and walk Natalie/Patrick through some Paradox grand strategy games or something equally obtuse. That being said I’m not sure if any trans rights stream is complete without some Donkey Kong 64.


This is obviously a hard one to accomplish, but I think it would be really cool to see the team play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on the GameCube. There’s some fun multiplayer options there that I think would be a fun dynamic to see.

More importantly, I’ve never been involved with a Save Point before. I’m pretty broke, so I can probably only chip a couple bucks toward a direct donation. :confused: Does anyone know if there are additional ways I can help support the cause? I’m obviously spreading the word to friends, but I want to make sure I’m contributing all I can!

So, a while back Austin suggested King of Dragon Pass as a potential stream game, and as much as I’d love to see the waypoint crew struggle through dwarf fortress or Rob try and get Austin into EU4, I imagine Dragon Pass would be easier for them to get into, while still hitting some of those tonal elements.


I want to see Danielle, Alex-Zandra, or someone else who can do what Alex did a couple of times at Giant Bomb, do a mini game jam / brainstorm with the crew on stream.

It would be cool to see what the WP crew could come up with together. Dreams could also be an avenue for this to remove as many barriers as possible.

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Democracy 3 as President Woke Gamer or the Waypoint People’s Presidential Committee?


I want vice to fly freelance writer Janine Hawkins down and do a divinity 2 original sin stream with original characters.
If no Janine. I want baby tactics Daniel and Natalie to punch Nazi magisters with the guidance of the papa bear Austin.

Also if danika can do Slime time with Natalie, I don’t know if that’s world of goo stream , or just a big plug.

Speaking of Janine, Ghost mode Hitman 2 seems like it would be a great laugh.


Signal Boosting to friends is huge! Bringing fun and positive energy in Twitch Chat, especially during the Mod Block (2nd half), when viewership can be lower, is SUPER Helpful and appreciated by us.


don’t care what they play

as long as danika shows up, i will be a happy camper

well, actually, no, i am seconding the recommendations for:

the Family to play Apex Legends
Natalie to give Hollow Knight: Godmaster a shot
Austin exploring Bitterblack Isle for the first time in Dragon’s Dogma
a return to Monster Hunter: World
Rob Races for Real with a Wheel
Baking with Rob
Hitman 2 Ghost Mode with Janine Hawkins
D4: Danielle Does Dreams, Duh

also wouldn’t mind:
Sekiro update with Natalie
Natalie runs the first level of NieR: Automata
Open Mike Eagle plays Overwatch


Hey friends!!

We are extremely jazzed about the latest Smash update, and are making a call to YOU to send us your custom Smash stages for us to play on during Save2point0!! The best way to send them to us would be to reply to this comment with your code and a title/small description/screenshot if possible (no worries if not! we’ll be looking at all of them anyway).



I would love to see some Ape Out, because it is a beautiful game and it seems like it’d be a fun talk-over stream for like a half hour.

Also any Dreams stuff would be great bc I’m in love with it.

Someone making a run on Eventide Island in Breath of the Wild could be fun, especially if there’s someone who hasn’t done it before.****

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If VR is a possibility, there’s a PSVR game that my partner and I love called VR The Diner Duo. It’s a fun 2 player VR game where one person is in VR making various burgers, and the other player is using a controller, and is taking customer orders, and relaying that to the VR player. It’s a little janky, but it makes for a great time, and I’d love to see the Waypoint crew take a stab at it.

waypoint should play minecraft pictionary

you get the word, and then you have to draw the image, or a scene in minecraft(it can be 3d or 2d)

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This is a very weird and impractical request, but I would love to see Austin playing some old giant robot anime games. Metal Storm, Cybernator, Metal Warriors, Tech Romancer, Shogo, Virtual On… whatever y’all can set up.


Hey all,

While we appreciate the excitement around Save Point and all of the games being recommended, we would like to remind you to limit your recommendations to games. While we understand your enthusiasm and interest in seeing various guests on the stream, such suggestions can put both the staff and mentioned guests in an uncomfortable position.


While I don’t think it needs to be DK64 I would like to see some Donkey Kong representation in some form.

My top pick would be Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat because its bongo-based gameplay is excellent streaming content and it is also a Very Good Game.

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I would like to see the staff play a fully-populated co-op game of The Blackout Club, a horror immersive sim for up to four players. I bet they could sink their teeth into it, plus get some spooks goin

My wildcard recommendation is Rob and Austin gettin face-to-face in the historical prequel to 2018’s Battletech: the LucasArts SNES classic Metal Warriors’ 1v1 mode


As well as letting people know about the stream (which really is super helpful – signal boosting brings new folks in & a recommendation from a friend is even better than a generic plug), you can also consider supporting the charity, Trans Lifeline, with your time if you’re so inclined. You can find more information about volunteering with them here.


(apologies for the image quality either nintendo or twitter compressed the heck out of it , at least the code is readable)

Warp Trouble is the name of the stage. RRR2MCB2

the gimmick being lots of warpholes , some cannons and you can only KO people upwards or downwards since the left and right blast zones are lava walls.