Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

I can’t wait to hang out in the chat for what seems like a frankly irresponsible amount of time!

As far as game suggestions, honestly I feel like y’all need to cram as much Jane Austen as you can into this stream. Just because Vice wants Waypoint to focus on video game content, it doesn’t mean you can’t find loopholes! Throw some Regency Solitaire and Saints Row 4 on the stack. The former will provide great opportunities for Rob to do line reads of English gentlemen and the second game is absolutely a Jane Austen game, not a joke!

XCOM 2 feels like a necessity? If it doesn’t happen my heart might actually break for real?

Someone earlier mentioned King of Dragon Pass and I second this, I feel like even though it’s an extremely text heavy strategy game, the setting is intriguing enough to draw you in quickly and I think the members of the crew who haven’t seen it yet will get a kick out of it. It’s a game where you play as a village council who sometimes have to fend off attacks from ancient ice wraiths one month and then settle a dispute over a village couple who ate too much honey by writing an extremely scathing poem about them the next. It’s basically the best.

And this is my wild idea to answer Patrick’s call for weird things to do: I re-watched Kerbal: Project BEAST over at Giant Bomb recently and I think it would be very entertaining if Austin loaded up Kerbal Space Program and see if he’s retained any of the knowledge from that.


There is at least one more Troom Troom edible phone case video. Just sayin’

[EDIT: oh yeah, games! Ummm… XCOM2, PUBG, something with anime feet, jackbox.]

It’s a bad idea, but hear me out. Horse (the basketball game), but with video games. /bad idea

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Patrick called out for some wierd ideas, so…speaking of horses, why not have a horse racing games segment. Might I suggest:

Pocket Card Jockey for the 3DS

and then for a blast from 2013,

Japan World Cup 3 (pc) if it still exists in some form…it has to, right?

Other suggestion would be to play one of the Monster Rancher games for the PS3 and see if anyone still has physical media to make monsters. Monster Rancher 4?

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XCOM and Battletech have been mentioned before and would be good, especially since they don’t really do regular streams any more but I think Heat Signature might also be worth a look since it’s very easy to do in small stream-friendly chunks.

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i’m using this forum for the very first ever time just so i can weigh in on this, since y’all said you’re taking suggestions.

please bless us with more dungeon world. or some other kind of tabletop rpg. if you can. the session y’all did during the last 72hr stream was, no shit, probably my favorite thing on video that’s out there by anyone ever. i can’t be the only one who feels that way. i think it’d be really fun to see austin run a session for the waypointers this time.


A Pyre multiplayer tournament to see which of thew crew gets to ascend to Neoliberaldom would be fun.

It would be doubly cool if y’all did it if/when Alex stops by.


one of my favorite things waypoint has done was austin (and the group) answering questions during permadeath on eventide island

so in the spirit of that i would say

question bucket questions while playing something in a controller passing situation, where whoever has the controller, has to take the lead on answering the questions


One thing I thought of for the team to do is PUBG Customs with the community, since the ability to set up custom matches is available to everyone now. Two things about it though: first you’d want to look at the menu/ui for it because, just like the rest of PUBG’s UI work, it is A Lot and not always entirely clear. And second you might want to talk to someone or find some community list of good settings for fun games because the amount of stuff you can mess with is kind of overwhelming. (I imagine y’alls could ask Will Smith what he does since I’ve seen him run custom games relatively often, I’m sure there’s more but he’s the only one I know off the top of my head)

The other thing I was thinking of, and this is probably a bit niche and weird, is to have the people on the Waypoint crew who have beat it watch a Sekiro speedrun together because it’s really wild how broken it is. Last I checked the current record is at like 24 minutes so it wouldn’t take too long to do. I just really like seeing people’s reactions to these kind of super broken speedruns.

I’d really love to see some Armello because it seems like a fun game for the team to play and make some stories inside of!
Maybe some trivia games (No specific suggestions here. Will that new Jackbox game be out by then?) maybe as a round two of the Mark of Mastery exam?
And in that same vein, have y’all played Mad Verse City from the previous Jackbox pack? Seems like it’d be a lot of fun!

And one final suggestion: Please channel the spirit of Hot Mic Mondays and just watch some cutscenes from some random video game off of YouTube. I rewatched the episode where you did that to the Supernatural WWII RPG and it was just excellent.

Also, was the first SavePoint stream ever archived anywhere? I went looking for it when this year’s event was announced and couldn’t find it.


The link to the Twitch archive is in the ‘thank you’ post – it is a link to the full 32 hours on Twitch, so it may be tough to watch in one go. I’m not sure if there’s highlights out there on a per-segment basis? But you can find the full VOD there still.

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This is a way better idea than I had.

So very much looking forward to this! I made a quick promo vid for Save Point on my silly puppet-based YouTube channel. My audience is tiny, but if it helps even a little it’s worth it. Can’t wait to join you all on Thursday!


A one-shot of Interstitial would be so, so good.


If people are suggesting table top games I think Honey Heist would be a good quick not too complicated but very fun game for everyone to play.


I’d honestly love to see someone play Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes given that this year is it’s 20 year anniversary, and mech talks with the Waypoint team never go amiss.

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PLEASE do Honey Heist, I need to know what kind of bear Patrick is.

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If we’re talking some tabletop role playing games, PUH-LEASE play Fiasco. It is my absolute favorite TTRPG, and I would love to see the Waypoint crew play through a session.

I have a humble request for the Waypoint crew to sing Into Free ~Dangan.


Like others are suggesting, I would love to see Waypoint check out the new Sea of Thieves quest content coming out.

Seeing lots of Xcom 2 suggested also, but I think it would be even better if Austin and Rob do a 1v1 Xcom 2 multiplayer match against each, similar to how they did the 1v1 Battletech match previously!