Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

I really enjoyed the Stellaris streams, so I think it would be great to see Imperator Rome on the stream, especially since I assume no one will quite have learned the mechanics of it yet.


More! Tabletop! RPGs!


I would love to see the crew play any of the following:

  • A team-based Baba is You competition (who can solve the most puzzles at once)
  • I would love to see the team make a wrestler in WWE 2K19 and start playing through the story mode.
  • I would love to see the team take on Trauma Team (Wii) together… each Waypointer takes on a specific character.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash
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give patrick and rob a full 10 minutes to talk about, and only about:

  • a football
  • the new bears draft class
    -brian urlacher with hair and how disconcerting it is
  • their favorite kind of bear
  • the packers with regard to understanding what it is to hate

Can y’all play fifa 19 for Liverpool please. #YNWA

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god i wanna see rob n austin face off in a paradox game so bad. the stellaris stream was my fav by a longshot


i love this!!!

Ya’ll could make the Bennet family in the CK2 ruler creator and see if the Waypoint team could manage things better than Mr and Mrs Bennet did and get positive outcomes for all their kids. Or they could set the game up so women have equal status and have Lizzie and Jane conquer England after Mr Bennet dies.

Any sort of CK2 or Imperator stream would be cool though. I’d also love to see a Rob/Austin rematch of some sort.

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yeah like personally i think what i wanna see most is like, imperator cuz new n shiny and curiosity to see what austin does with its character system n stuff or him and rob as like competing dukes within a larger kingdom or somthing

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I would love to see Austin and / or Patrick guide someone through parts of Dragon’s Dogma who hasn’t played it before.


We absolutely need to see more XCOM2. I’ll watch anything, but if I don’t get to see Mort again, I will be tremendously disappointed.

Inhuman Condition! I played a session of that on their recommendation. It’s dope and only takes 5 mins per game.


There are some kids who hang out in the classroom after school while the after school club comes to pick them up and I might keep them busy by getting them to make yall a smash stage for the stream. No promises they’ll either care enough to do it or make something even remotely playable, but we’ll see.

Probably gonna send a few or my own stages alongside tho, cos I’ve been spending way too much time in that builder lately.

I suggested this on Twitter already but it bears repeating: y’all should play Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, but each monster form corresponds to a specific person and only that person can control the titular Boy whenever he is in that form.

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I’d love to see them play Darkest Dungeon as a nuzlocke where they have to give a unique name to each character and can only choose the first or last person appearing on the stagecoach.

also they have to pretend to actually care about those units and not treat them as disposable, whatever that means to whoever’s playing.

I’d also love for them to play co-op Moon Hunters or have a cooking competition in Battle Chef Brigade.

Breaking news on this – the Save Point 2018 archives are making their way up on YouTube at the moment, so do keep an eye out there too if you want to grab some Save Point between now and Thursday (!!!).


Regarding last year’s SavePoint, did the Waypoint crew do 36 hours or 32? I remember having the Twitch stream for the last 4 hours ready to watch, but it wasn’t there in the morning. I don’t know if I imagined it lol.

they did 36 hours
the highlighted twitch vods were split into 3 separate vods. one of those was most of the staff chunk at about 32 hours runtime. and then 2 smaller vods that make up the remaining 36

so if you got to twitch.tv/waypoint/videos and specifically select highlights you’ll see it all there.

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Nah, the two smaller VODs are actually from the beginning of the 32 hour video. I vaguely recall another 4 hour VOD that evaporated. No matter, I’ll watch through the stuff as it gets put up on Youtube.

My request would be Lore Reasons: Akira