Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

I see people suggest Dragon’s Dogma but may I suggest Dragon’s Dogma Online?!

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I’ve got a question about the save point stream. Is there like a schedule or anything on what waypoint is going to be doing? I mean I don’t expect there to be a Gdq style timesheet, but like are there confirmed thing that they are going to be doing? Or is it literally just whatever whenever? I wasn’t here for the last one so I have no idea what to expect

No list of games or schedule, but if you’re catching up on the Twitch VOD, they have a nice little chapter system which allows you to see all the games they have played, and skip to the start points instead of skipping through the whole video.

There was a rough schedule last time, but it was a fairly loose format in practice.

The mod segment will have a schedule which we hope to publish soon!

Get Rob to play Cameron in a game of Northgard

Sea of Thieves would be fun for sure, I’m really curious how that game’s changed over the past year or so.
Stellaris would be nice for a bit if only to see reactions to the new pop system! I agree also that messing around with the CK2 ruler creator or Imperator could be nice.
Maybe a couple rounds of Apex?

I can’t remember whether it was Save Point or a previous long stream but watching the waypoint team get increasingly bewildered at a VN (the one that started the sweeties feeties meme, I think?) was extremely fun, if they can find one that would be appropriate

Maybe some Caves of Qud or Dwarf Fortress or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup? Anything tile based and sufficiently incomprehensible

First sub goal SMASHED hours before the stream starts :wink:

I just happened to barely miss the test stream last night, and got hype. I have a doctor’s appointment today and work the next two days so I’ll have to be responsible in my consumption of delightful Waypoint charity stream.

I got two for ya

they’re both rather sensible stages, but I still think they’re fun and would love to see them being played on stream!


Please make Rob play Empire of the Sun!

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holy crap Austin holding the stream hostage with Randy Pitchford tweets


oop, just remembered because of the Big Boy finale, I made the Hunter’s Dream from Bloodborne! Hope I’m not too late.

Hunter’s Dream

I wanted it to be more detailed but it turns out there’s a limit on how much stuff you can have in a level!


Just wanted to note I’m going to be on the Armello stream in the mod block and plan to match the money put towards the Rat Clan in the tiltify poll for up to $300. This is all to say make sure the rat clan wins :mouse:

EDIT: oh, well that was quick!

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Hey everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying Save Point so far and we hope you’re ready for the community portion of the event. Tomorrow at 3pm cdt, I’ll be doing a live version of I’m a Ghost AMA called I’m a Ghost Live: Ghost Fortress. Join me in a spooky custom Team Fortress 2 server as I answer your questions about that spooky business. If you have any questions, you can submit them to my Curious Cat at https://curiouscat.me/YourGh0stHost. Also if you want, you can join the server which is already up and running. All the info is down below. Can’t stress how happy we all are to have such a wonderful community raising money for Trans Lifeline. TRANS RIGHTS!
password: BigBoySeason

I love the number of “it’s been a while since you’ve seen x/y/z person post, it was months-year ago.” in this thread right now.

…I suppose that’s probably something this post will also have.
It’s been a year.
Twenty days until my 1 year traniversary… I’ve been… around.

Had a quick question/suggestion, depending on how mods/the team would feel.

Is there any plan to, either during the stream, (or at the end, if y’all are wanting to focus on Trans Lifeline for the duration,) to plug the trans crowdfund tags on social media? (A solid way to help individual trans people seeking assistance in everything from food, to rent, to surgeries, etc. year round on a more individual, specific basis.)



Hey, folks. For some of our incentives, the space that Tiltify provides just isn’t enough. For those, we’ve decided to link out to this forum post.

If you’d like to be in the running for one of these raffles (or any of our others – there’s quite a few!), please go to http://savepoint.stream to donate before the end of the stream.

If you’re reading this and don’t see these incentives yet, we’ll be adding them shortly! Stay tuned!

Video Game Raffle

A raffle for a random chance to win one of the following games for $3!

ANATOMY (by Kitty Horrorshow)
Explore a suburban house, collect cassette tapes, study the physiology of domestic architecture.
More information: https://kittyhorrorshow.itch.io/anatomy
2 copies available
[CONTENT WARNINGS: Distorted/flashing images, body horror, strong horror themes]

Secret Little Haven (by Victoria Dominowski)
A PC game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet.
More information: https://ristar.itch.io
2 copies available
[CONTENT WARNINGS: Parental conflict, gaslighting, flashing visuals]

Heaven Will Be Mine (by Aevee Bee, Mia Schwartz, Alec Lambert & Pillow Fight Games)
Heaven Will Be Mine is a queer science fiction mecha visual novel from the creators of queer cult horror visual novel We Know The Devil, about joyriding mecha, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity’s pull.
More information: https://pillowfight.itch.io/heaven-will-be-mine
2 copies available
[CONTENT WARNINGS: For mature audiences. Features fantasy violence, body horror and discussion of sexuality, abuse and trauma.]

Tabletop Game Raffle

A raffle for a random chance to win one of the following games (kindly donated by friends of the community) for $5!

Songs For the Dusk (by Kavita Poduri & Quinn Bleiler)
Songs for the Dusk is a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy tabletop RPG by Kavita Poduri and Quinn Bleiler about what it takes to build a better future. Inspired by games like Destiny and Breath of the Wild, Songs for the Dusk is about exploring ancient ruins, tinkering with old machinery, experimenting with strange and magical powers, and trying to create a more just and equitable world.
More information: https://yrgirlkv.itch.io
5 copies available

Feathers (by Remi Permann)
Feathers is a game about fallen angels looking for meaning and comfort in our world, using Avery Alder’s Belonging Outside Belonging system. It’s diceless, GMless, intimate, and very, very queer, for 3-4 players, designed to be played in a single session.
More information: https://remi-permann.itch.io/feathers
1 copy available

If I Were a Boat (by koboldtime)
If I Were a Boat Is a solo tabletop RPG, an exploration of the thought experiment: the ship of Theseus applied to your own body.
More information: https://koboldtime.itch.io
3 copies available

Ex Deus (by Ari I)
Ex Deus is a tabletop role playing game for three players (2 GMs and one player). It requires no prep and can be played in 2-6 hours.
More information: https://ari-i.itch.io
3 copies available

Misbehavin’ (Playtest Version) (by Allie Bustion & Mad Pierrot)
A 1920s urban fantasy hack of the tabletop game Blades in the Dark.
More information: https://madpierrot.itch.io/
2 copies available

The Way You Make Me Feel (by Allie Bustion & Mad Pierrot)
A GM-less tabletop game about relationships, sexuality, and their perceptions
More information: https://madpierrot.itch.io/
2 copies available

As The World Ends… (by Allie Bustion & Mad Pierrot)
A GM-less tabletop game about relationships, sexuality, and their perceptions
More information: https://madpierrot.itch.io/
2 copies available

Spitfire & Straightlace (by Allie Bustion & Mad Pierrot)
A GM-optional tabletop roleplaying game
More information: https://madpierrot.itch.io/
2 copies available

Harder They Fall (by Jay Iles)
A game of final battles for the fate of the world. With a few friends, you’ll tell the story of a climactic battle between titanic foes.
More information:
1 copy available

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (2nd Edition) (by Jay Iles)
A tabletop game about building a new world in the ruins of the future.
More information: https://ufo-jay.itch.io/
1 copy available

Exodus (by fadingroots)
Exodus is a role-playing story game about being on the run in a society that has turned against you. It’s a story of angels on the road, making community as they go, and trying to find somewhere better.
More information: https://fadingroots.itch.io/
5 copies available

Monsterhearts 2 (by Avery Alder)
A tabletop game about the messy lives of teenage monsters.
More information: https://buriedwithoutceremony.com
5 copies available

Prayers for Wounded Metal (by Geostatonary)
Prayers for Wounded Metal is a game about our relationships with our bodies, our ideal selves, power, and hurt for one or more players.
More information: https://geostatonary.itch.io/
15 copies available

One More Before We Go (by Frankiextra)
Tell stories by the fire to distract you and your mech squad from certain death.
More information: https://frankiextra.itch.io/
1 copy available

I Walk Alone (by Adrian Thoen)
I Walk Alone is a collaborative group game for online play about a person wandering the wasteland of their peoples failures and their own regrets.
More information: https://adrian-thoen.itch.io/
1 copy available

Impulse Drive (by Adrian Thoen)
A tabletop roleplaying game about misfits and spaceships, using the Powered By The Apocalypse design.
More information: https://adrian-thoen.itch.io/
1 copy available

Building Home (by Adrian Thoen)
A shared authority RPG about Giant Robots, Terraforming, and Found Family for up to 6 players.
More information: https://adrian-thoen.itch.io/
1 copy available

Adrian Thoen Dungeon World Playbooks & Supplement Bundle (by Adrian Thoen)
A collection of the following Dungeon World Playbooks & Supplements: The Giant, The Fool, The Sorcerer, The Fae, The Spellsinger & Lands of the Dead
More information: https://adrian-thoen.itch.io/
1 copy available



So @m_o described the most amazing Interstitial game set in Yuri on Ice world during the Portal Blank Slate segment. Here’s the clip thanks to Regression! https://clips.twitch.tv/BlatantSpeedyNeanderthalSquadGoals


If we hit 160k I will gm that game and we will record it