Waypoint Presents Save Point — User Input For Donation Incentives! (Final Sift Poll! Closes 14:00 EDT 10/18/2018)


What’s up, Waypoint readers? We hope you’ve seen our marathon charity stream that we’re hosting next week in support of The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project? If not, now is a great time to acquiant yourself with it!

The mod team are planning to host a number of donation incentives for our segment of the event. We want to do this to give you a chance to participate and, hopefully, drum up additional support for a great cause. We’ll be giving more information about the full list of incentives closer to the stream date itself.

With that said, a couple of our incentives require a little bit of ahead-of-time community participation. You can find a list of relevant games & incentives below; we’ll be taking suggestions in this topic. Depending on the number of suggestions folks give us, we might run a poll in the early part of the week to determine which ones we’ll take forward to the polling incentive.

Of course, if folks aren’t interested in these, we won’t be running them as incentives – so get your suggestions in!

Please note that we will be exercising our own judgement where a suggestion might be in poor taste or in breach of our Rules & Community Goals.

You can find a list of incentives we’re soliciting user participation for below!

#1: Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise

Help us pick a party name for our five-person final team in the run! Six-character limit on names.

Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise is a randomiser variant of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Final Fantasy IV (or, as it was called in the U.S. at the time, Final Fantasy II). As this is a randomiser, we can’t guarantee who will be in our party, but we’re happy to take suggestions for the team’s overall names! Present your answers in a list (e.g. Kain; Cecil; FuSoYa; Tellah; Palom) and we’ll input them in order!

If you have any special requests (e.g. “in this set, make sure Cecil is named Goku!”), write them below your submission and we’ll see what we can do! Given that it’s a randomiser, we can’t make any promises!

Example: For #1, I suggest Apple; Pear; Orange; Carrot; Lemon.

#2: A Link to the Past Randomiser

Help choose our filenames while playing A Link to the Past Randomiser! As this will be a cooperative run, there will be two winners our of the five options! Four-character limit.

A Link to the Past Randomiser is a modification to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. When you start the game, you are prompted to name your save file. This incentive is to choose the names of the files.

Example: For #2, I suggest Pear.

Waypoint Presents Save Point (10/18/2018-10/21/2018) [$60,460.69 Raised!]

Oooolo a Link to the Past randomizer sounds cool! I also like the idea of food themed names, so might I suggest Kiwi?


Pumped to see Free Enterprise on the list!

1: And; He; Got; Feet; ?


1: Damnhe; Adrago; Onand; Hegot; Feet?

2: Feet

Y’all should have known this was coming

EDIT: also:
1: bigboi; season; 24; seven; 365;


I’m going to throw in two of my own for these (what? I’m a user too!). I’ll probably drop them if we get a surge of them but just so we have them…

For #1, I suggest Into; The; Breach; For; GotY.

For #2, I suggest LMAO.

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For #1, Void ; Conrad ; Slan ; Ubik ; Femto

For #2, Doom

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Looking forward to the stream!

  1. LArob, Marcia, Jan, Greg, Yugi

  2. Cuff

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Psst – the party is unfortunately limited to five character maximum, so you might want to drop one of these from the list for #1!

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Fun fun! Looking forward to the stream as well:

  1. The, One, Only, True, Gamer
  2. Toad

Now that we have more than five submissions for each category, we’ll be needing to run a poll to cut off which ones will be on the poll.

As we’re looking to get the incentives up and ready to start being used tomorrow, I’ll launch the poll at 23:00 BST today (18:00 EDT) to give folks the evening and workday tomorrow to catch them. The poll will close at around 19:00 BST tomorrow (around 14:00 EDT). I think this should be a pretty fair divide and let most folks get a chance to vote.

So – get your ideas in now or you won’t be on the poll!

  1. owo, uwu, XD, :3c, umu
  2. Nine, S

Apologies, folks – technical problems at the robowitch household stopped the creation of an early poll.

Here are your options. The top five will go through to the final bid incentive poll, so we will be saying goodbye to some of your great ideas, unfortunately! You have two votes for each of these, so use them wisely…

#1Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise (Party Name)

  • The; One; Only; True; Gamer
  • LArob; Marcia; Jan; Greg; Yugi
  • owo, uwu, XD, :3c, umu
  • Void; Conrad; Slan; Ubik ; Femto
  • Damnhe; Adrago; Onand; Hegot; Feet?
  • bigboi; season; 24; seven; 365
  • And; He; Got; Feet; ?
  • Into; The; Breach; For; GotY

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#2Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomiser (File Name)

  • Kiwi
  • Feet
  • LMAO
  • Doom
  • Cuff
  • Toad
  • Nine
  • S

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Waypoint Presents Save Point (10/18/2018-10/21/2018) [$60,460.69 Raised!]