Waypoint Radio @ E3: Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby, and More!

In the first E3 Waypoint Radio Special, the team talks Nintendo's E3 event, discussing new Nintendo Switch exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, and more.

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I haven’t been able to keep up with the podcast output, but I wanted to use this one as a place to voice my support for this kinda thing going forward! I’ve really enjoyed these debrief podcasts (as someone who wavered on watching the various conferences) as ways to get impressions that aren’t counter-programming to anyone else. I hope they’re doing well on y’all’s metrics.

I wanna second that. I’ve watched some of E3 but I love these episodes as a round up of what happened in each conference and getting thoughts about it from all you folks. Loving it!

I’m glad y’all weren’t immediately dismissive of Fire Emblem Warriors! I know Austin, from some of his stuff in the past, isn’t the type to dunk on Warriors games “on principle” or w/e but it was nice to hear everyone else not do it. Hyrule Warriors was a really good game that took the Warriors formula and did a great job incorporating Zelda into it. I have big hopes for FE Warriors on that front too, the developers have said they’re dedicated to making this one a Warriors game that FE fans would actually want to play. After Hyrule Warriors I believe them and trust that they can pull it off.