Waypoint Radio Guests?

I know we’re not suppose to play Fantasy Football with game journalists, which is fair and a good rule :slight_smile: But would it be cool to discuss who we’d love to see as guests on WP Radio? ^^

I definitely have some ideas but I want to check in if it’s cool to name names or nay.

5 star podcast. All star guest list.

I would choose either Peter Moore, so they could discuss his long career in the games industry (as well as his more recent role at LFC) or Barbara Leigh-Hunt, but only if she stayed in character as Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Good one! :slight_smile:

Would like to see Holly Nielsen on the pod, she has a lot of fascinating stuff to tell about history and videogames. Maybe together with Kate Gray, who has written for Waypoint before and (used to?) do a podcast with Holly.

I would love to see Thundercat as a guest. Actually after the recent Polygon video, I think T Pain would also be a great and funny guest that would vibe with the crew really well

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do. it. for. natalie.

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Honestly, I just love the guest episodes! :slight_smile: Would be glad to hear more.

Just watching last year’s Savepoint and Heather Alexander should definitely drop by again too :relaxed:

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