Waypoint Radio Not Updating on Google Play


Yeah I still have this problem. I’ve been downloading manually this entire time and it sucks. I just assume that if it hasn’t been fixed yet then it will never be fixed.


Hey mosespippy, I forwarded this onto the relevant person to look into, but just to clarify – this is about the iTunes problem that @designiana talked about, right?

(For what it’s worth, I think there might have been some confusion about this being in Google Play because of the topic name – just why I’m checking to make sure it is in iTunes’ side, not Google Play.)


Yeah, it’s the iTunes problem, but I don’t subscribe via the iTunes Podcast directory, I just plug in the RSS address. My mac is a 2008 macbook that I just use for podcasts and the OS and iTunes version is old enough that the podcast directory isn’t accessible. Ordinarily I’d just attribute the problems to me using an antique but all the other podcasts I was subscribed too still work (and this thread popped up the same week as the issue).