Waypoint Radio - Podcast Quality Control Issues


What’s the reasoning behind doing this dynamic insertion style of advertising? Not generally, but why does it make sense for Waypoint.


It’s probably a vice-wide global thing that they don’t have any say over.


That’s fair. I would ask the question to Vice but they aren’t really going to be able to answer here I guess.


I also love the show. I don’t want this to become a feedback pile-on but I do feel like there are also some audio issues that could be addressed.

This comes from wanting to hear what everyone has to say on the show and the desire to preserve my hearing when I turn it up.

I would recommend some sort of additional normalization or compression because there are many times when one person’s voice will be significantly louder than another. There are also times when a voice comes in and it’s unintelligible so I have to crank it. I end up keeping my hand on the volume in order to manage it, which I would prefer not to have to do.

Thanks @joel and everyone on the team for all you do! You rule and it’s my #1 favorite podcast, so I say this out of love :slight_smile:


@austin_walker - just watching the Monster Hunter stream archive and you mentioned a lost podcast that you were going to try and rescue at the weekend. Any luck? A discussion on remakes sounds like it would have been a blast :star_struck:


Just in case it is a regional issue on the advert think, as @Fayili is listening in Ireland, I am in England and also have had one advert only from memory.


On the topic of the lost podcast- totally understandable that stuff like that happens sometimes, but when it does it might be worth recording a minute or two long thing to drop into the feed soon after to explain that?

It’s not the biggest deal but it can be confusing if you have to go digging for why there’s no episode; I saw multiple people confused about it elsewhere (particularly because they were expecting there to be a discussion of the stuff from the past week) that hadn’t heard what was up, which… is how I heard that it was lost myself. I don’t know if that’s easy to do without setting off the automated ad thing (interrupting an extremely brief podcast would be bad) or not but it’d be more “professional”?


Wow I am so glad I’m not the only one here! I thought the levels seemed a bit off. I’ve been having to turn the podcast way up to actually hear it, then having “FEED THE FAMILY AT NOODLE BOX” blasting though at random intervals while I scramble to get the headphones out / turn the volume way down :rofl: have also had a bit of Patrick or Austin being real quiet while Danielle is louder in some places.

That is actually pretty cool about the localized ads though, because all the US based ones are kinda useless to us over here. I actually assumed noodle box was an American thing and paid zero attention to it, but it must be at least here in Aus. There you go!

As an aside, just want to say that WP Radio is still #1 for me despite these niggles. Love love love the podcasts you guys put out.


I love how accidentally hilarious the Bose Recommends adverts are. The one advertising a running podcast is a little too targeted for my liking!!


Not related to ads but episodes are being skipped without notice. There wasn’t an episode a couple Mondays ago and there wasn’t one last Friday. Now every Monday & Friday it’s a guessing game on whether there will be an episode or not.


Now that the crew knows how broken the ads are I kind of hope they never work and the “ad break” just becomes increasingly sarcastic, and a waypoint radio tradition


Just wanted to say that the audio levels and overall quality has been so much better in the last few podcasts. Thank you to Natalie and anyone else on the crew who has been working on the production :heart:


Hey heads up not sure if this is a regional issue but I’m getting 0 ads in Texas. Ad break happens then jumps back to talking.

Also the new ad break of Austin saying “We should take a quick break” mid sentence is really jarring. The other one with the music fade in was way better imo.


A few times recently in the last month or two theres been ads for the British Army on the podcast. Most recently on Fridays pod (right after the Stellaris discussion). Just something I thought should be brought to the crews attention as I’d imagine they may not be cool with it.


I’ve been getting the same one about exporting things before, in the middle of, and after every single episode lately, I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to export.


This is hilarious and also ridiculous (and also, because I want our podcast to sound good and because my hands have been so tied about so much of this shit, very frustrating.)


The ads worked beautifully for me on this last episode, and Austin’s ad read for Audible was great. Hope things get easier for y’all with this moving forward.


I actually kind of love it because I’m listening to a leftist video game podcast with ads that seem to be specifically targeting British small to medium business owners looking to expand to a global market.


Podcast advertising has always confused me, even without these programmatic ads. Like, is there market research out there showing that people who make hiring decisions listen to a ton of podcasts?


Podcasts have pretty much replaced radio talk shows and I don’t find it surprising that people from all backgrounds listen to them. I mean if you think about it if you are in charge of hiring people you probably spend a lot of time just going through things like resumes and linkedin profiles so there’s a lot time where you could be listening to something while working.