Waypoint Radio - Podcast Quality Control Issues


I really appreciate the effort Austin. As I mentioned a little earlier in the thread, the audio has been so much better since my initial post. You guys have a very small team and I know editing/post-production can take up a lot of time, so I really want to thank you guys for putting in the work.

The advert BS is out of your hands and if it’s what’s required by The Man in order to keep Waypoint Radio on the air, then I’ll take all the janky army ads you can throw at me.


Less research saying that specifically and rather overall podcast data saying, comparatively, more higher income, business owners, managers, CEO’s, ect. listen to podcast than most other advertising avenues.


had a lady yell about contact lens today pod then Austin reasonable voice audible ad read


Thanks! So the thing that happened here, specifically, is that we took podcast production on board directly instead of channeling it through VICE’s larger podcast team. So thank @danielle!


Good decision it would seem!


Glad to hear the audio is working much better for everyone, we ran into the - if you want something done right… scenario and Danielle has been editing and making smoother breaks so ads don’t jump in.


I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, but during the Black Panther 101 I had the old issue of a break not actually happening when announced (it played the music and had the Austin cut-in announcement, so I assume that’s edited manually?) and then suddenly had an Audible ad interrupt discussion later.

I’m glad to see the quality improve in general (though sad that means y’all have to work on it yourselves instead of being able to offload that work!), but wanted to give the heads up that that bit’s still a bit wonky.


must have been an out of place marker, should be ok now (not that i expect you to listen to the black panther episode again!)


Please let me know if this isn’t something you can do anything about, because I understand it may be out of your control. But reading the site today I got an anti choice campaign ad from a group here in Ireland called “love both” :roll_eyes:

I’d rather not have their ads showing up on the site, especially as they have been known to run aggressively graphic campaigns at times. Thankfully the one I saw was not graphic (in the spoiler below)


Jesus Christ that’s bad.


Hi @SuperBiasedMan – just to ensure this gets eyes on it, I might suggest making a topic specifically for it in Site Feedback. This is usually the best way of making sure it catches the staff’s attention as a topic unto its own rights.


We reported this to the ad team weeks ago. Livid that it hasn’t been fixed yet. Looking into it.


Thank you for at least using amazon’s advertising dollars to promote a Le Guin novel about the problems of hypercapitalism.


Thanks Austin, glad to hear that you were already on it.

As robowitch suggested I also made a separate topic here:


Didn’t they play this for a joke in one episode of the show? They were like, “uh, I think we’re throwing to an ad now?” and I think Austin said something like “it’ll probably be for Google Home”.

I haven’t had too much trouble with it, but going back to old episodes has been really disorientating, where it’ll just cut the current conversation out of nowhere to… well, yeah, usually an ad for Google Home…


I do want to say the ad placement has been going way better! Nice to see it improve. I think having the music fade to silence before going into an ad would make the transition smoother.

I also like Austin’s ASMR voice so that’s fun.


There was that one unintentional time a couple of months ago where, as part of a conversation, Rob said something like “the more we learn about advertising efficacy the less effective it gets,” and then the podcast immediately cut to an ad.


Going to post here as it seemed to be the general thread for comments on the podcast; is the Motherboard podcast advert a one off? Or is that a new route, because I have to say I was much much happier to have that advert than hearing for the 100th time about some guy who’s dad wrote porn.

Edit: also, whilst I’m here I think I should say that I loved the E3 podcasts, the more conversational attitude drawn out over a couple of hours was brilliant, and gave space for all the brilliant personalities (and LA Rob) to really show themselves


will look into why you’re hearing those other ads… glad to hear about e3 :slight_smile:


I’m just bitter that we’ll never hear the epic fannon/spoiler driven discussion that was alluded to during one of the podcasts. I can only imagine what ideas must have been cooked up …

To be clear, the porn advert is totally legit; in a normie look how edgy we are calling our podcast My dad wrote a porno, it just got really dull really quickly. But that’s the ad writers issue, not yours for hosting it