Waypoint Radio - Podcast Quality Control Issues


Those must be the location/profile based ads - I’ve never heard that in a Waypoint Radio. My most common one lately has been the old man talking about how Simply Light has less sugar but still tastes great or something like that.


I’ve never got an ad in Waypoint, but I’m in Canada so who knows.

One problem I’ve been having lately is that I can’t download the episode through iTunes anymore. I have to go to the website and listen to it manually, which is a tad annoying.
Please, no suggestions to not use iTunes because I’m in too deep to stop now.

Also, and this is maybe a personal nitpicking thing, I’d SUPER appreciate whoever has the loud keyboard to maybe … not use it while recording? Or get another one specifically for recording? Because … that thing is kinda loud.


If I never have to hear Stephen Fry shilling Honda (while also shilling his podcast? short ad played at 2.5x speed so I kinda stop paying attention when it cuts in) again it’ll be too soon.

[I’m guessing ACast don’t have a massive UK sales team so they bulk sell the few ad contracts they do get, which means same ad every week.]


Have you tried using a 3rd party app on iOS? I use Overcast and haven’t had any problems so far (it’s also just a lot nicer than the default Apple podcast app anyway!).


Second the use of Overcast on iOS. There are some nice volume control/balancing features with the app as well. The native iTunes app was…bad.


Hi, all – I’d just like to suggest that if folks want to make additional comments about Waypoint Radio might want to make a new topic about it at this point. I’m going to set a topic timer on this.

We want to avoid having bulky topics in #site-feedback to ensure that queries get properly looked at – it’s easy to lose in a sixty-page topic.


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