Waypoint Radio Wants a Better Kind of Dystopia

Motherboard’s Emanuel “I Should Honestly Get Paid For My Viral Tweets” Maiberg joins Patrick, Cado, and Rob us for a wide-ranging episode of Waypoint Radio, in which we discuss our uncanny ability to never hear about Homestuck despite being extremely online, the best way to tell a debt collector to screw off, what Patrick has to fear from Super Mario Maker 2, and the games that we’ve been playing, including Rage 2, Project Hospital, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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I had heard of Homestuck previously, but never read more than the first handful of panels. Today I made it all the way to “Examine the games on the CD rack”, then, because they have places to click on, I found myself reading the previous MS Paint Adventures. I’m several hundred pages into Problem Sleuth at this point and I feel like I’m just barely maintaining my grasp on the story. If actual Homestuck is more convoluted than this I’ll probably have to tap out.

EDITED for strip name accuracy.

Homestuck is so wild to me tbh. It feels like something I should have known about or gotten into but by the time a friend told me about it (maybe around 2012?) I already found it to be completely inscrutable. Appreciate the discussion of Micheal Lutz’s article from a similar perspective, if only because I feel less alone in it considering many of the friends i’ve made since 2012 were or still are into it.

friend, listening to new Waypoint: They talk about Homestuck.
me, having not listened yet: Oh, really?
friend: Yeah, Cado’s read it.
me: Of course Cado’s read it.

For people inspired to try Homestuck:

  1. If you have text parsing issues, there are browser extensions that will remove the Troll Quirks, greatly increasing readability.
  2. Yeah Acts 1 and 2 are slow, but 3 is good and 4 is where things start to pop off.
  3. It’s a LOT of text. If it gets kind of overwhelming, you can look into Lets Read Homestuck, which is a very well produced video audiobook of Homestuck. Especially from Act 3 onward. LRHS makes the goliath of Act 5.2 much easier.
  4. Ignore the Epilogues.
  5. Later into the story, when “Pony Pals: Detective Pony” is mentioned, take a break, google “Detective Pony” and click the first result. You’re welcome. Fanfiction is a miracle.

Anything that involves engaging with a “video audiobook” seems worth checking out to me.

While i do recommend reading Homestuck, if one’s interested in audio introductions/rereads that one can follow along with, there’s also the Let Me tell You About Homestuck podcast, in which one host introduces another host to Homestuck, by them doing a full read together, with commentary and goofs. And unlike Let’s Read Homestuck, with a little timeline hopping, the podcasts cover all of Homestuck proper. Additionally, you can get a glimpse at what reading Homestuck in 2016 and 2017 was like.

I read hundreds (thousands?) of pages of homestuck but eventually bounced off after a time skip which introduced a bunch of new characters who were all bad, shortly followed by the creator wasting multiple pages to whine about fans who were critical of the glacial pacing.

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As a fan of the Alphas who things every one of them has more depth and nuance than any other characters introduced before: how dare you, meet me outside.


In the Mario Maker discussion on the podcast, there was some confusion over whether an online membership will be required to download levels that others have made, but the current language on Nintendo’s site is:

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can download and share courses, play online, and more!

I think think it’s safe to assume from that that the online membership is required to get the community levels. I’d be pretty surprised if Nintendo charged players to produce content for them but not to consume it.

As for Homestuck… I don’t know anything about Homestuck. I tried getting into it at one point, but bounced off it immediately. Might try some of these podcast suggestions.