Waypoint Radio Waves Goodbye to 2018


Welcome to Waypoint's End of Year celebration! This year, we're digging deep into our favorite games with dedicated podcasts, interviewing each other about our personal top 10 lists, and reflecting on the year with essays from the staff and some of our favorite freelance contributors. Check out the entire package right here!

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I enjoyed hearing Austin and Rob’s thoughts on BFV. I have been playing since the super early ultra pre release “beta?” and I thoroughly enjoy the game. I heard about the TTK “nerfs” through various youtubers and was a bit sad. For whatever reason I really love the fast deaths and hectic pacing of the battles. Luckily I was very busy with work over the week that the TTK changes occurred on so when I logged in last night everything was more or less the same.

The things that are wrong with that game are not really related to the lethality of the weapons (medic SMGs aside!). Like Austin and Rob commented, many of the maps make it difficult to be effective if you choose certain classes.

I really want to want to get Below. I was hype for it back when I saw the first teaser but now I don’t know if it is a thing that will capture my time.


The S in Gris is silent, so the rejected GREEs were probably closest. It’s French for grey… get it? I’m at work so I don’t have time to share my thoughts about anything but that.


Gris’ developers are from Spain, so I’m pretty sure our Latinx staff members had the right of this one.


Ah, my bad! So used to struggling with one language that another snuck up on me.

I definitely came down on Patrick’s side with this game, and the Twitter thread Austin mentioned really helped crystalize why. Half the time it’s so vague and distant I can’t even tell what I’m supposed to be associating it with. It’s completely removed from any processing I’ve had to do in my own life, and the fact that I don’t feel anything about it is really disheartening! There are much more carelessly crafted games that still evoke familiar experiences and make me sympathize with those extremely unlike mine (hi, I’ve been in tears about gacha game characters many times this year) and it sucks that a game ostensibly about something that should resonate with me just doesn’t.


The studio is from Catalunya, so Gris could be in Catalan or Spanish. But I think the pronunciation is the same in both languages.