Waypoint Release the Cat President Tapes


So I was watching the first hour of the eight-hour stream while I worked coz hell yeah, needed that Rob Zacny anime voice acting shit, it was everything I ever knew and didn’t know I wanted, but the moment that one of the team (Danika?) accidentally tabbed over to Skype I noticed this -

If you look closer and enhance the pixels, you get -


My mind was racing. CAT PRESIDENT? A game in which you try to manage a Presidential campaign for a talking cat? Amongst all of these games Waypoint has streamed and would soon stream? Yet, it hasn’t been streamed…at least not that we’ve been shown. Is it beyond the powers of our Editor in Chief and his team to withhold tapes that should be released in the public interest? I posit…maybe it isn’t.

Waypoint, release the Cat President tapes. The people demand it, in the interests of transparency, democracy and fair government

EDIT: I am dismayed, friends, that I did not ask for the release of the Cat President in the interests of transpurrency, democatcy and fur government. I am very sorry and will recuse my post as the leader of this movement


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