Waypoint Twitch Streams!

So with the Twitch streams picking back up I thought maybe a general thread to discuss them would be cool?

As someone who has ditched Twitter and does not have Twitch installed on their phone I was kind of surprised by how many streams are already up and I suspect some of these have been missed by other members of the community.

I’ve tried to link them to the timestamp where they start and the order is oldest to newest :slight_smile:

Playing DEFCON with Dr. Jeffrey Lewis

Tactical Tuesdays RETURNS

Rob, Austin, and VINNY CARAVELLA Watch the Warhammer Skulls Showcase

Going Deep in the Question Bucket with Austin, Rob, and Patrick


They’ve started posting them on YouTube too on the WaypointVice channel:

Her’es the Defcon Video

Here’s the Tactical Tuesday’s X-com 2 video:

They explained in the Question Bucket stream that they used to have to fill out multiple forms (spending 90 minutes) per video to get Vice to allow each Twitch stream to be transferred to YouTube. They don’t have to do that any more but are still figuring out how to organise their (i.e. Cado’s) time to transfer them consistently.


I was actually about to start a Waypoint Plus/ Twitch thread and give a big shoutout to the forum’s own @Wazanator whose excellent work in the food bucket has been given it’s due in the latest stream.


Austin’s final Tactical Tuesday was great. Inspired me to actually play Invisible Inc, which had been sitting in my Steam library for ages, and I won my first run! Did the team just get really lucky on the final mission? I was on Experienced, the medium difficulty, same as the stream, and I had a ton of armour 3 guys running around. Which was a huge pain when Monst3r’s gun was the only thing I had with armour piercing that high. Managed to get around it with some cloaked sprinting antics, but I spent two rewinds getting my first turn to go in a way that didn’t just instantly screw me. I don’t think I saw a single armour 1 dude, it was all 3s and firewall guys.