Waypoint Warframe Thread (Formerly PS4Frame)

After hitting the point of exhaustion on Monster Hunter, I’ve been bouncing around a few different online games to see what would scratch that social game itch. Went back to PUBG, played some Fortnite, Sea of Thieves beta, etc, but it was the NoClip documentary on Warframe that sold it for me, and I’ve been HOOKED on Warframe since.

If you’ve played Warframe you already know what it is, but if not, it’s a fair-ish Free To Play 3rd person action game that’s somewhere between Destiny and Mass Effect in how it plays. It feels like a passion project and while it’s intimidatingly systems heavy at first, a lot of that stuff can take a backseat to the shooting, and the game features smart dev decisions like – there used to be an exploit that allowed players to bounce across a level really quickly, and instead of just nerfing the exploit they rebuilt their movement system around that mechanic because it was more fun.

And I’m Hooked, and was wondering if other people on the forums play Warframe on PS4. Let’s group up and get that Endo, if so.

Edit: I made a clan for us. Digital Pyramids. Hit me up if yo uwant an invite.


Hey y’all, I’d like to offer some tips for some of the more confusing parts of the game. The tutorial is decent, but it’s likely that you have a legacy account from years ago and the game just kinda assumes you’re up to speed on everything.

  • Unless you don’t want to grind or interact with other people, don’t spend Platinum on anything except inventory upgrades: Everything—aside from Prime weapons/frames which they shift in and out of ~The Disney Vault~ —can be grinded for or traded with others, and the store prices for these things are way higher than their market value
  • They hand out 25%/50% off Platinum vouchers like candy, don’t ever buy Platinum full price
  • To get to the later planets, you need to fill out certain goals on each of the planet gates, and then you can fight the (generally really easy) mini-bosses to advance
  • Mods are really overwhelming when you first see them, they’re basically little stat cards you slot into your frame and gear, which have a number “cost” and can have huge benefits
    • Leveling up your gear is almost entirely for increasing the maximum “cost” limit, so they’re central to your stat progression
    • There’ll be different icons in the mods slots for your gear, slotting same-icon mods will decrease their cost by half
    • You’ll start with “Damaged” mods that have a higher base value but diminishing returns when upgraded, stick with them until you get better un-damaged mods
    • You can fuse mods to get higher-rank ones but this is a massive money dump, for now just spend that money on upgrading individual mods (they scale really fast in the beginning of the game)
  • Void Relics are little tokens that let you go on missions that have the added goal of collecting 10 little glowing things before leaving, this is how you get valuable gear components
    • A station unlocks later that lets you pump funny-money into the Relics to increase their chance of a rarer item, it’ll make sense when you get it
    • At the end of Void Relic missions, each player gets 1 loot drop, and you can choose to get a copy of someone else’s item instead (this means you’ll have four times the chance of getting something good if you’re in a 4-man team, which is almost always the case in Void Relic missions)

Once you figure this stuff out, the game becomes a massive addiction machine, which is probably what you’re looking for in a Diablo-style loot game. It’s pretty good.


Heck yeah I play warframe, M_o! Always glad to see someone new discover this game.

I don’t have too many additional pieces of new player advice…but here’s a couple things.

-You may notice some weapons are “Mastery locked”. Your mastery level is kind of like an overall player level. If you go to your profile, it’ll say at the very top the number of points you need to get to the next mastery rank. You get points by leveling up weapons and warframes. I believe it’s 100 points per level (so 3000 points for taking a weapon from lvl 0 to lvl 30) and, I believe the point values are doubled for leveling up warframes. Once you have the required # of mastery points, press the Options button, hover over your name, and you’ll see an option for taking the mastery rank test. You can take the test every 24 hours if you fail.

-Kinda adding onto something miscu said, in this you have limited warframe and weapon space (slots). I don’t remember how many slots players start out with, but you can get 2 more weapon slots for 12 platinum, and 1 more warframe slot for 20 platinum. If you try to make a new weapon/warframe but don’t have enough slots, you’ll either have to sell one of your weapons/warframes or buy more slots.

-As simple as it sounds, I recommend new players learn the format of mission types. Interception, defense, and especially survival missions can be a little tricky for players to understand what’s happening.

-Warframes are unique and have their own advantages, disadvantages, missions they excel at, missions that don’t showcase their full potential, etc. I wouldn’t say any particular warframe is “better” than another, so pick one you like that fits your play style, and from there, you can learn how to effectively use them.

Quick example: Trinity my favorite warframe is very good for team support. Two of her abilities can be used to heal herself and teammates, and one of her abilities can provide energy to herself and teammates. Very useful for defense and survival missions that could go on indefinitely and that get more difficult over time. Not super useful for an exterminate or capture mission (but still perfectly capable). Additionally, Frost another warframe I like to use, has 3 offensive abilities, but I mainly use him for his single defensive ability Snow Globe. This creates a large globe that bullets can’t penetrate, so as you can imagine, I make use of this on defense missions where we’re all protecting a single object from enemy fire.

Hopefully I didn’t overwhelm y’all with too much info (I can do that sometimes lol), but like M_o said, alot of this stuff you don’t have to worry about out of the gate. I definitely have more tips and advice and love helping others, so feel free to reach out if you wanna play or have a question!

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More tipz

  • I don’t know how viable it is on PS4 but if you want to go very fast all the time in this game you should be spamming slide, double jump, dive everywhere. If you can’t do this just spam the start of the slide and you’ll go way faster.
  • Don’t bother with Archwing. Nobody likes it.
  • Also don’t bother with farming on Cetus unless you’re building Gara. The resources aren’t really used for anything.
  • Rank EVERYTHING you use up to 30. If it’s in your inventory max it out. You have to rank new items from scratch so not Mastering a weapon first time wastes your time.
  • If you get the chance to browse Baro Ki’Teer’s stock and have the cash, just buy Primed damage mods. Everything else is useless. If you really need to know there’s usually a thread on r/Warframe listing what’s good and what’s worthless.
  • If you go on Relic runs, always pick the highest rarity item, even if you want one of the Bronzes. The drop rate of Golds is super low, like 1 in 10.
  • I hope you like listening to Vay Hek scream at you.

Also, type FREESWORD into the promo codes for a free ̶b̶a̶d̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ inventory slot.

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I’ll double, triple-down on buy inventory slots. This goes for both Warframes and weapons. You get a little bit of platinum when you first start, buy 1-2 Warframe slots and the rest spend on weapon slots. And also bullet jump everywhere all the time forever.

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Thanks for the advice! Do yall play on PS4? or PC?

Just to pick this out specifically, it doesn’t work on console because you can’t give an in game discount on a store item, so instead we end up with 25/50/75% off a single in-game purchase. Occasionally it’ll be discounted as part of a general sale but you won’t get vouchers the way PC players do.

Definitely buy slots as a new player on Console, as it is that much more expensive to get plat (its only the in game shops that are effected by this, P2P trading basically takes into account the higher rarity of plat and so things are cheaper on console in absolute terms).

I play on PS4.

Also heads up new PS4 players, I believe they may still have a warframe starter pack on the PS store, that gives you some plat and an affinity (XP) booster. Exclusive to PS+ members.

I’ve been playing Warframe on PS4 quite a bit, it scratches a lot of itches and while the narrative is a little hokey and design occasionally rough, it does some really interesting things.

all the tips here are great! feel free to message me and add me on ps4, only say the message because my friend request list is a mess. i’m “hellatite”

i’m only mastery rank 5 but loving the movement and customization / strategy in warframe so much.


Same! It’s really cool that we could take the same Frame / Weapons and kit em out differently to fit our playstyles, and they’d both probably be viable. It’s super refreshing to other team shooter games where, if you dont’ have the black spindle, you cant hang, type of thing. And maybe I’ll get to that point? But It’s a long way off.

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Is there any sort of definitive resource that breaks down the various frames? I’m… really bad at getting into a game like this unless I’m confident I’m spending my time working on something I really wanna work on, so being able to have a decent idea of what the various frames excel at will help calm my anxiety around that stuff a lot!

@austin_walker Here’s a pretty good resource that explains the frames, their stats, their powers (abilities), and different ways you can “maximize” them. This refers to setting up a mod loadout that gets the max stat value for ability attributes (ability strength, ability range, ability efficiency)

One thing I really like about warframe and the mod system is that none of the mod customization options (for weapons and warframes) are permanent. Wanna sup up your weapon’s reload speed and damage? Go for it! Then wanna go and change it to boost its fire rate and give it ice damage? Done!


Seconding how enjoyable the Mod system is due to the flexibility it allows w/r/t playstyle. I play the MAG as a tanky melee frame, other people play it as a Glass Cannon, solely due to mods, which is cool! Like, if you asked me what i was workin towards right now it wouldn’t be a Frame, it’d be finding a +Critical Chance mod for my big hammer cuz I wanna one shot everything with my big hammer like it’s Nergigante Ready.

In the early stages, the game also does a good job giving you stuff to work towards. For example: there was a timed quest for a sword blueprint, so I did that, and then I needed some resource to build it. So I started tracking down that resource. And even if I don’t like that sword after I build it, bringing it to max level will be beneficial for me in various ways (I can sell it, I get Mastery Level from maxing it out). Will report back on the sword in 9 hrs once its finished building.

Oh wow, that Ivara frame looks fucking dope, holy shit! And Octavia!

Jesus why haven’t anyone pillaged this game for good ideas to make single player games out of yet? You’d think the idea of programming your own music track and weaponizing it would be too good of an idea to not make into an entire game.

Brozime on youtube is a great source of info on … well everything Warframe, he has a good youtube vid breaking down all the different frames and giving them a rating.

Good starting frames I would say are Trinity as a support/healer; Frost as a good combo of point defense, AoE damage and single target damage; and probably Nova as a good mostly offensive frame (although there are plenty of offensive options, Excalibur is another good one).

One good thing is that almost any frame can be good with the right mods, so its worth finding one you enjoy the abilities of as well.

(assuming its okay to link the video here?)


So I picked up this game like 2 years ago & ended up picking weapons I really did not like & wish I could change but the only way to do that seems to be grinding them out. Is there a way to re-roll? I wouldn’t even mind completely restarting at this point.

I’m not sure if you can reset an account, if that is what you’re asking, but it is relatively easy to get new weapons. The game just doesn’t necessarily show you that.

What you need to do is find the weapon in the store and then hit R1 (I think) to select the blueprint instead. This allows you to craft the weapon rather than spend plat on it, which is cheaper but takes 12/24 hours (real time, not in game time). I think this is what you’re looking for but if not I’ll try and answer again.

Edit: What weapons did you pick? What don’t you like about them?

I ended up picking up a combo of the bow, staff & throwing knives (accidentally). I don’t mind the bow or staff per say but those in addition to the knives just lead to a much slower form of play that doesn’t always feel appropriate for certain missions. I had spent a ton of time trying to get certain resources to build a certain weapon but I found out that I couldn’t get one specific resource in the part of the map I had access to & that just kinda blew the wind out of my sails.

Thats frustrating about the mats, its definitely one of the things that shows its a free to play/grind game. Its worth trying to get each weapon to rank 30 once, as it gives you Mastery Rank which is the hard cap on what weapons you can use, so none of that time is wasted in the long run.

You can buy the other starter weapons straight from the ship with no crafting time and just with credits so that might give you another option to start progressing, as well as the regular Braton which is a solid rifle. The Boltor and Burston are also good low level guns which should be a bit quicker for kills than the bow

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