Waypoint Warframe Thread (Formerly PS4Frame)

Oh, if its on the order of 12 months, then that seems reasonable. Do clan invites expire? Maybe you could just send another invite immediately after removal so its there the next time they log in. Anyway, totally agree with your reasoning

I don’t think they expire. If you go to the clan menu you can see a list of everyone that’s online, offline, (and when they were last on) and unclaimed invites. We’ve had someone named ATATATA or something similar just sitting in the invited section for a few months now.

Hi, was wondering if I could get an invite to the PS4 clan? Have about 20 hours in and thought it was time for a clan, and what better one than the waypoint community’s clan. Username StereoHomesick. Thanks!

invite sent, welcome

Hey! I’m brand new to the game after watching a Giant Bomb playdate of it. Would love an invite! Still figuring out some of the weird stuff of the game but am enjoying it so far. My PSN is Nicksgreen. Thanks so much!

Welcome to Warframe! Free free to ask questions about anything! We’re all more than happy to help decipher the game to new players.

Thank you! It’s a lot at first but the movement is so satisfying, that it seems worth digging into.

even tho im mostly just doing a bounty here and there, it feels sooooo good to be back


would it be possible for me to get an invite to the ps4 clan as well? my id is cosmia__ (two underscores!)

I just started playing last week (despite having it installed for almost a year with the intention of trying it), and would love to get in on the Clan action. Could I get an invite?

IGN is Sevith

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Hey Sevith, welcome! Are you looking for an invite to the PC or PS4 clan?

Ah, probably should have specified. The PS4 clan.

Gotcha. @M_o should be able to take care of you and vivi

Liking that there’s a number of new people coming in :slight_smile: Hope y’all don’t get too attached to warframe’s melee system :wink:

PC Clan:

Starting tonight I will be culling clan members that have not logged in for 3 months or more. If you come back and you have been removed from the clan, feel free to re-request an invite! We had discussions about this earlier but my life got really busy, but by now I haven’t seen anyone vocally against this idea.

If this is objectionable to anyone, please let me know so we can address this! This will ideally drop our clan tier down one so active members will be more able to cope with the research costs.

The Warframe 6th Anniversary event is now live! Logging in will get you a Noggle figurine and Liset skin. The rewards from previous years, which includes 3 weapons, can be earned from alerts that will run for 2 weeks. Even if you already have the weapons it’s still a good idea to run the missions. Just sell the weapons and enjoy your free weapon slots!

Second, you can use the code THEDEADHAVEDEBTS at the promo code redemption page or from the Market console in the game to claim a free glyph.

Lastly, DE is running a survey asking for thoughts about Fortuna. This news post contains links to different versions of the survey in English, Spanish, German, and Russian. I don’t think there’s a reward for completing it but hollering about how much you love Ticker is its own reward, really.


Hey, y’all! The next update for PC is coming next Tuesday at the earliest! The Jovian Concord contains a number of exciting things you can read about in the linked thread. But two things of note I want to copy over here.

  1. There will be a leaderboard for tracking clan performance in a new Operation. You must be in a clan before the update or your contributions won’t count.
  2. The Chimera Prologue quest will be a requirement for fighting a new boss. Ask anyone in your platform’s clan for help pushing through the prerequisite quests if you need to! We love you!
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any Waypoint Tenno watch Tennolive last night? any thoughts? im excited!

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Big takeaway is that it’s real nice seeing Warframe looking so gorgeous, between that new opening cinematic and the upcoming orbiter rework. FINALLY, some LIGHT in my fuckin’ LIVING ROOM. God DAMN.

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I have no idea how any of that is going to work on the switch, but man, I thought railjack looked like a good time with friends.

Played this for a few hours this afternoon and I think I might be on board. Space ninjas are fucking cool, all the different Warframes look rad, and it feels good to play. I’ll play for another week or so to see if I start to get tired if the loop, but for now I’m optimistic.

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