Waypoint Warframe Thread (Formerly PS4Frame)

Hello friends,
I’d like to join the Discord server and the clan – what’s the procedure on that in the Year of Our Lord 2020?

Hey! here’s the link to the discord

btw what platform are you playing on? the discord covers all platforms, but have active clans for PS4 and PC. once you’re in the discord, someone can send you the appropriate clan invite

I’m on PC. Thanks, Benj!

@M_o I want to join Digital Pyramids (PC)

superbump. i’m pretty late to warframe, it seems. i’m always late for everything. i downloaded it on switch the other day (dabbled with it briefly on os4 a couple years back). first of all, it’s one of a group of switch games that includes dark souls remastered and doom 2016 that make me go “wow, this is ridiculous. this is absolutely ridiculous.”. i remember a friend showing this off to me on a launch ps4 37 years ago and thinking it looked pretty dope, now i’m playing it on a handheld. i saw dark souls remake on ps5 and thought it was impressive, but for some reason i’m more impressed with these bigger games getting miraculously jammed onto the switch. love it.

downside is that i don’t think the joycons are an ideal control solution here. the game lets you do all this acrobatic and precise jump/slide/float/shoot stuff but i find it all pretty tough to do on the joycon thumb sticks… perhaps i’ll improve.

anyway! a question. i’ve gotten to a point in my life (parenthood) where i’m actually okay with playing a game where i can semi-mindlessly run and gun and grind loot crap for 30 minutes, put the game down and walk away. i played destiny for a bit until i realized that so much of the game is getting ready for raids, and i don’t have enough gamer pals or time to play any multi-hour game session… which brings me to my question. will warframe be able to scratch my loot grind shlooter itch? is it reasonable to play through this game SOLO in small bursts? all of the systems and etc seem intimidating as hell to me at the moment, but i can figure all that out. i’m wondering if i’ll hit some barrier where it’s like “i can’t progress here without a squad” though.

long blabbering post short: is it feasible to solo in this game and have fun doing it?

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I’m about half a year away from Warframe now, so I’m not sure if they added any more QoL things to help new players, but the answer is mostly that yes, you can solo Warframe and have fun doing it. You can also, generally speaking, pub most activities and very few people expect you to know what you are doing. At the high end of the power curve, you can hard carry a group of pub’s and a lot of high end players enjoy doing this. There’s at least 80-100 hours of content before you’ll hit things you can’t do on your own (although you may need to gear grind more if you are running solo).

Early on, missions will take a little while (up to ~30 minutes). But as you get reasonably geared, those times can easily drop to 5 minutes a run. So it’s quite good in bursts. PvP (unlike destiny) is entirely optional, and only worth it if you enjoy PvP.

There are a few speedbumps in the power curve that are much easier with help. If you can find a reasonable Clan, most clan activity will revolve around organizing for these things. This is optional stuff, generally, though the game is a lot more fun when you start getting overpowered.

  • Getting a set of Corrupted Mods from the Derelict (soloable, if deeply tedious)
  • Orb Mothers
  • Eidolons
  • Some of the Solar System Bosses.

A few tips:

Don’t sweat getting more weapons or warframes too much. Mods are the thing that make you more powerful. Nearly all the frames are good and worth playing so think of expanding your roster as a long term project. But: make getting Rhino or Nehza an early goal. These are both sturdy, survivable frames that will let you play the early to mid game content without needing any hard to find mods.

On the other hand, there are a lot of okay weapons, and few really standouts. Mods are the secret to ridiculous power levels here, but weapon effectiveness is a lot more varied. Amprex and Ignis are good AoE weapons that can make a lot of content easier (particularly on the switch). Try to get one of these at some point. Otherwise just upgrade to something other than the beginner weapons soon. Some people like the shotguns, but I tended to prefer assault rifles early on.

The nightwave missions give you a lot of really useful things, so if those are running, try to do those. In general try to take on story content as soon as you feel able. There are some significantly useful things that the story missions give you.


Hi all! Possible necro here, but I followed a link from the Discord.

Funny story, the rising popularity of sea shanties on tiktok/twitter led to the Fortuna trailer being shared, and it made me hop back on my horribly edgy-named tenno to give the game another shot.

Is the Warframe clan still going, available for PC players, and have room in it? My ingame alias is Styxnife

Hey there! so there is still a PC clan, but I’m not sure how much room they have. I can reach out to one of the clan members and ask if they can invite you. There’s also a separate Waypoint Warframe fan discord (with members on all platforms). Let me know if you’d like an invite to that as well!

We still have plenty of space. Invite sent. If you want to connect with other Waypoint Warframe players, we’d also be happy to have you in the discord. We’re a small, friendly community and always happy to help out.

For other people that want a clan invite, the discord is the best place to reach me or the other PC clan mod.

Got it! Thanks so much!