Waypoint Warframe Thread (Formerly PS4Frame)

I’ve had a decent bit of luck asking for help getting Materials I don’t have access to yet. Put out a call for say, Nano Spores, in global chat and pretty quickly got invites from more experienced players to “taxi” me to Jupiter so I could tag along on a mission w them.


Anybody know if there any Waypoint affiliated clans? I’ve been wanting to access the Dojo for a while but haven’t really felt like taking up offers from random folks.

Oh, and one good tip I have is that the little drone friends are much more cost efficient than the pets when choosing a companion. The pets require daily attention, or else you need to spend credits to buy DNA stabilizers, and if they go down a lot during a mission you can also see DNA destabilization. The drones on the other hand can actually take mods that have a chance of dropping a rare item when they’re destroyed, and getting them back in working order is free and automatic.

What’s the barrier to entry for creating a clan?

If your starting a clan i’d suggest you start out small like try out Shadow clan (30 members) or maybe Storm clan (100 members). Reason why you should start small is because each tier multiply the cost of building rooms or researching bp to build weapons and warframes.

For instance if something cost 10,000 credit and your in shadow clan, your whole team needs to pitch in 30,000 (Storm cost 100,000)

Another reason is people usually come and go when playing the game. If you have 100 members and theres only 30 people active then you have to rely on those people to pay for research or building room, etc.

It gets annoying to contribute to research when it asks for a certain amount of rare resource like Nitan extract x3 or whatever size your clan maybe.

You could also form an alliance with other clans if it helps with your clan expenses. That way you can keep your clan size and keep contact with your alliance through chat to organize parties for farming resources, relics, quest, etc.

I say this very cautiously because I know my own time with the game is going to wind up more limited than I’d like but:

I’d def be interested in some sort of a Waypoint clan!


That’s cool i’d suggest having some trusting veterans as leaders, having one of them become warlord to call the shots and make major changes while the others can recruit other members to keep your clan active.

Also it’s best you have your own warframe channel on discord that way you can inform each other on when certain alerts are active especially the orokin reactors / catalyst (We call them potatoes in the wf community)

It looks like the smallest clan is 10 ppl? it might be worth setting one up and going from there

Dang I’m already in a clan, but would love to join a Waypoint one! Decisions…decisions…

Lets Get It. Lets Link And Build


omg this is too good because the dev studio behind warframe is Digital Extremes

Do I need to invite people? Or can you request to Join?

you need to invite people through clan managment

thats what i figured, hmu if you want the invite!

Currently playing PC (I’m one of the officers in the giantbomb clan) but i might try out the ps4 depending on how long it takes for me to download

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Sent invites out to ppl. Away from the PS4 till sunday.

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Frames at the Table, huh?

I should do this thing on PS4. My PC Warframe account has been a confused mixture of like… a couple days to a week or progress every three to nine months since beta, and that has not ‘aged’ well.

@M_o since you got a clan up and running, something I’d recommend trying to work toward is setting up the 4 types of research labs in the clan dojo. While a lot of weapon blueprints can be bought directly from the Market, a good number of weapon blueprints are only obtainable from clan research labs.

  • Bio lab focuses on Infestation-based weaponry (grotesque looking weapons that usually deal viral or toxin damage)
  • Chem Lab focuses on Grineer type weapons (your somewhat more traditional weapons)
  • Energy lab consists of Corpus weapons (hi-tech weaponry usually dealing with lasers and weapons dealing electrical damage)
  • Tenno Lab (more traditional weaponry, but also contains blueprints for certain Warframes like Zephyr and Volt)

Once you have the labs themselves built, you can go into each of the labs and see what weapons can be “researched”. To begin researching something, clan members invest resources/materials (note: a single player does not need to invest all of the required resources into a piece of research; you invest however much/little of a resource you want). Once all of the required resources have been contributed, a timer (usually 72 real hours) begins to count down, and once the timer is done, the research is considered complete, and all members of the clan can buy that weapon’s blueprint from the clan dojo.

(Sidenote 1: As you’ll likely notice, some weapons require you to complete another ‘prerequisite’ weapon’s research before you can begin contributing resources to it.)

(Sidenote 2: In order for a member of the clan to be able to contribute resources, I believe their clan hierarchy needs to have the ‘Tech’ role/permission enabled.)


Hey i´ve tested Warframe on PC when it was really new and a little bit on PS4 before but that was a long time. But one of the things i really want to do is to interact with the waypoint community more and play games with folks. And because of the No Clip documentary i will try to play more warframe. I haven’t gotten that far in the game but i would love to play with people and join the clan so feel free to ask me for my PSN username and so on!

Do you know if there is a way to dump resources for rooms etc? I’ve not got permission to build stuff (and am fine without it), but want to contribute