Waypoint Weeklies: Best Mobile Games without Gacha/MTC

Slice & Dice is Android only i think but is very good. Dice-based dungeon crawling thing, just a series of battles against monsters where everyone is rolling specialised dice that give different attacks based on what your class is. Lots of depth with upgrades like new classes to change the dice you’re rolling and items which alter dice, give new abilities, etc. Starts with a free 12-level demo, pay to unlock the full game. Also available on PC from Itch. i dont know what MTC is so sorry if this is that.


Ooh, that looks neat. Will be trying it out.

Also, you’re good, I mistyped MTX (microtransaction) and… did not notice at all in the past week. :sweat_smile:

Ditto this. They’re basically myst-likes with a multi-level hint system that imo was really well judged in that I never found myself having to go outside the game to a walkthrough.


I’m playing this. It’s really neat. I think it would benefit from having more visual information- like, the different party members making up your snake are just coloured blobs, and all the classes share colours, so I never know which blob is which during fights.

Feels great, though. I really like the Autochess shop between fights. It feels like there are lots of possible builds to chase.