Waypoint Weeklies: E3 Hopes and Dreams

  1. Metroid Prime 4
  2. Metroid Prime 4
  3. A new Treasure game
  4. Metroid Prime 4
  5. King’s Field 5 or Shadow Tower 3
  6. Metroid Prime 4
  7. System Shock 3
  8. Metroid Prime 4
  9. Armored Core 6
  10. Metroid Prime 4

Honorable Mention: Metroid Prime 4



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I say this every time and am always disappointed but give us ports of old Final Fantasy games that don’t look like absolute garbage! I know Square is not capable of this, but I can’t help to keep on hoping.


I want Microsoft to Make PC Gamepass better

im interested in new Fable and hope it shows up

a conformation of that Kotor remake would be Great


someday they’ll find the source code

Metroid Prime 4 is precisely the game that makes me think that a hypothetical E3 '22 is going to be one for the ages.

Going to come out with the boring stuff:

  • Make PC Gamepass better does sound nice @rohay. Though I will take some surprise “And released today on PC Gamepass today”
  • Reveal of what Giant Sparrow (What Remains of Edith Finch) is working on next
  • Dreams to PC
  • Spiritual success to The Movies, now I’m just wish-listing things

I don’t know, I would like to become aware of a whole bunch of smaller things. E3 is becoming “less relevant” I guess maybe but it feels like a good judge of what studios are wanting to do. Would love to see smaller, more collaborative projects (like UFO50)

Actually, there is one thing that I want that if I don’t get I would be a bit distraught:

  • Lots of Waypoint content in my ears

A big surprising new IP or revival from Sony

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@rohay @Concrete just curious but what would you like to see improved about gamepass on PC? I feel like most of the games I’ve played this last year on PC have actually been through it. Only thing that jumps to mind is a Steam Workshop equivalent but that’s kind of a big ask.

I am hoping for at least one game to be revealed that will be canceled before it ever comes out. That hasn’t happened in a while


In the Valley of Gods’ cancellation was only two years ago and that still hurts, man.

Plus, EA has cancelled tons of stuff pretty publicly. Maybe we only saw snippets of Gaia and Amy Hennig’s Star Wars and only vague ideas of Anthem Next, but hey, I say that counts.


surprised at the lack of wanting-nintendo-titles in this thread although that says more about my internet usage than anything.

so I will bring it. I need a new Donkey Kong. I love tropical freeze massively underrated. Rumors have been swirling about there being a new one coming out of Nintendo Tokyo proper. I would love 3d but I think that is highly unlikely, and am excited to see what a non-retro Donkey Kong take looks like.

Other than that for Nintendo, I am pretty neutral on Breath of the Wild 2 stuff. It would be great but I’ll see it in the Fall if its not here. I really need to replay the 1st one and probably won’t have a free gaming schedule for that until September. I kinda prefer a Spring 2022 release so…

Would love to see any Metroid. I’ve never played any and have been waiting to play Prime via emulation in case an HD collection is really coming.

Only thing I need besides Donkey Kong is Elden Ring.

I don’t have high expectations for E3 in general. A lot of these companies just do not interest me and even when they show a game I am interested in, at this point its probably a few years out.

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Oh, I definitely got a Nintendo wishlist, I just think it’s all stuff that’s a little more grounded, and we’ll likely see at some point (possibly this E3, depending on if Nintendo is ready to throw back into the grind in a major way). First, I definitely want to see something to show me what’s going to make BOTW2 different than the first. Like, I’m not the only one that would like some elaborate dungeons in BOTW2. Before I can really get excited about the game, I need to see something.

Mario Odyssey 2. This is a given. Mario Odyssey is one of the best games on the Switch, and a sequel is inevitable. I think it’ll be after BOTW2, but we might get a teaser.

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. This is also likely a given at some point. I think they may announce it at E3, but only if they have something to show off for MP4.

If we’re looking for pie-in-the-sky wishes, give us N64 online, Super Mario RPG on the SNES Online, a new F-Zero game, and a sequel to Super Mario Strikers.

Also, real pie-in-the-sky wishes, give me Xbox Cloud Gaming and PS Remote Play on the Switch. that would be dope af.


I would like to see Kirby. Doesn’t have to be a new game or anything, it’d just be nice if I was shown Kirby.


RE: Nintendo, I really hope they announce the Switch Pro! The fan on my Switch is dying, and I’d love to know how long I’ll need to hold out before getting a new one.

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Anything funky, something surprising from a big franchise or a completely unexpected interesting looking indie. I’m also a sucker for announcements that generate a lot of hype even if I’m not invested; the BOTW 2 teaser last time gave us almost nothing but it was sick watching everyone explode over it! I’ve never played an SMT game, but the excitement over SMT5 was infectious! Just wanna get excited TBH

My most wanted game for over a decade was a new Suikoden, but we’re getting a spiritual successor in the form of Eiyuden Chronicles. So now I think I’ll have my fingers crossed for Capcom to revive Breath of Fire, at least a rerelease/collection if not a new entry.

Okay well apparently Square put out an E3 primer that does mention Babylon’s Fall, so… there’s one Platinum game accounted for, at least.

  1. TITANFALL 3 baby. 2021 is the year it finally gets annouced. They have mechs that can fly. They have mechs that can wall run after pilots. They have mechs battling space dinos.

  2. JURASSIC PARK ISOLATION Someone makes my dream game. Or something with next gen dinosaurs in it. A new Turok game maybe. Let’s do it. Failing that, the next evolution of Monster Hunter World. Awe me with this next gen technology. Give me giant monsters.

  3. SUPER SWITCH. I am mostly interested in what Nintendo are going to show. Hopefully one of the three Bayonetta 3, breath of the wild 2, Metroid Prime 4. News about a new mario would be nice, but figure that may come later once those last three are out.

  4. I’d hope to see some annoucements from Xbox and y’know maybe some new games… But I’ll expect we’ll see Halo and a teaser for Gears 6. Is it time for a new Tomb Raider? A new reboot that follows on from the last trilogy, now that Lara has definitely risen and become the tomb raider. That would be nice. End the teaser with Lara fighting a next gen T-Rex?

  5. I’m not sure if Sony are actually doing a presentation. I thought Horizon 2 showcase was it. I’d be interested in seeing what the new God of War is like, but can’t imagine it will be radically different from the last one. Figure we may see another Drake-less Uncharted spin-off from Naughty Dog.

As always, I’m mainly here for the E3 cringe. Ubisoft showing a mediocre definitely not political shooter with people talking over it way too seriously. I want a bunch of stoned celebrities playing the new Battlefield game. I want to see the glint in Geoff Keighley’s eyes ss HE and HE ALONE announces the big new game and you think, this is what this man lives for, this is what this man was put on this earth to do. Thank you Geoff Keighley, it’s because of you that we got Metal Gear 6.


Oh I forgot my other one. Looking at how The Medium and the new Ratchet & Clank are using the new hardware to quickly swap between different locations super quickly, I would love to see an open world game that allows you to move between the regular world and some sort of alternate world, similar to how A Link to the Past allows you go into the dark world or how Soul Reaver has Raziel go into the spectral realm.

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