Waypoint Weeklies: E3 Hopes and Dreams

I’m definitely looking forward to the Bethesda announcements. I’m curious about Starfield, and it’s been 10 years since Skyrim released so I’m really looking forward to TES VI.

Otherwise, I’m curious if there will be any news from Bioware. And then any surprises would be good!

EDIT: Oh yeah! Probably too much to hope, but it would be cool if we get an interesting Star Wars game announcement - ideally an RPG or a story focused Action Adventure.

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I have thought of something I have some hope of seeing that might show up: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 seems pretty likely to be in development between the Future Connected campaign in XB Definitive Edition and the composer saying they’re on another “large scale project”. I loved 2 despite its flaws, and both Torna the Golden Country and Future Connected were fantastic, so I’m excited to see the momentum from those last two games carried forward into a much bigger game.


That’s what I was here to say! Whatever Monolith Soft is doing, I would love to get a look.

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Oh yeah, I’ve been starving for n1rv ann-a news. Weird west stuff would be cool but I already don’t know anything about it so it’s kinda hard to be hyped. And more samurai Gunn 2 stuff?

i’m really really looking forward to the Bethesda conference where Todd Howard comes out on stage in front of ten thousand screaming TESamaniacs and announces what everyone’s been waiting for: Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition


I want it more in line with what’s available on the the console gamepass i kept getting ads for Games that where on Game pass Ultimate just to find them not on pc gamepass

and small things like Dounut county where the achievements dont pop because it the Windows 10 version in the xbox shell not the xbox version that get installed so the achievements don’t pop

Totally forgot about Bethesda, I think I’m a bit burnt out on their RPGs but I would be interested to see what Starfield actually is. I figure we must be due a third Wofenstein game about now to close out the trilogy.

Wolfenstein: Let’s Kill Mecha Hitler.

I’m guessing we may get a glimpse of that Ubisoft Star Wars game. I don’t know about you but I am absolutely terrified about seeing that.


If we do see it, it’ll be at the very end of their presentation and there won’t be much to see.

Thought of another one: I want to know what Arkane Austin is up to. Prey was 2017 and Prey: Mooncrash was 2018. Three years and change is about enough time to have something cooking. We won’t see gameplay footage at this point, but a trailer akin to something like the original Deathloop or Dishonored 2 trailers is not out of the realm of possibility.

I’m curious why you think that’s the case. Wolf II came out in 2017 and Youngblood was a 2019 release and a coproduction with Arkane. Unless Machine Games has been working on Indiana Jones all that time, which I doubt given the lack of content in the teaser, I have to think they’re pretty deep into BJ’s latest adventure. But there could be something here I’m missing.

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Oh I was talking about Ubisoft’s Star Wars game. I think it’s entirely reasonable that Wolf III will be there.

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I’ve been thinking about this and want to get some others thoughts on this, is the next Wolfenstein game the last featuring BJ and do they play into this in the marketing material?


Yes and yes. Probably some talk of “one last mission” to take a shot at Hitler himself. After this I imagine MachineGames will pivot to full development on Indiana Jones, which we will see in 2024 sometime.


I’d expect it will be Terror Billy’s last ride, but if they continue the series by focusing on the Terror Twins I’d be happy this that. Those two knuckleheads made Youngblood worth playing.


I hear the hot Smash rumour this week is the Doom Slayer. While I doubt I’ll get my top pick (Kos-Mos, since we just got a Xenoblade character), I’m going to project positive Amaterasu vibes into the cosmos and hope for the best.

(Also, I would love Marx - the Kirby one not the philosopher, though I’d take him too - or Meowth.)

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Karl Marx in Smash probably isn’t technically out of the question! I’m sure he’s turned up in at least one game on a Nintendo console.

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They would just need to port AssCreed Syndicate over to the Switch.

Or Nier Automata since there’s a boss robot named Marx.


I’m ready to hear about Mario Kart 9 if Nintendo wanted to surprise us with that.
Or a new Punch-Out game would be fun.
Wouldn’t mind seeing what Fumito Ueda has been working on since 2018 finally.
Something Metroid related would be great.
Obligatory wish for a Mother Collection on Switch.

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I think a third wolfenstein game has to start with BJ killing mecha-hitler. The developers have joked how there has to be a third game in which you kill mecha hitler. By this point, I think Youngblood already mentioned that BJ killed Hitler in the 60s, but you already know that Hitler is a deranged old man who pees himself that has quitely been broomed off to Venus. Figure the next Wolfenstein will deal with how you stop nazism after you’ve killed Hitler with BJ becoming increasingly burdened by how the war never truly ends. He is literally an old head on a young body now. So he’s here to brood. I figure the game has to start in the 60s and then move on to the future past Youngblood. Wolfenstein 2 made some choices in it’s story telling. I don’t know how they top it in 3 but it probably starts with killing Mecha-Hitler.

Then in a few years time, it’ll be the 3rd Doom in which we have to kill Satan. Maybe God as well. Maybe Doom guy IS God.


I’d love Wolfenstein III news and have Thoughts about the plot (like in Youngblood, along with the backstory that BJ killed Hitler and set off the climate doomsday device, there’s also strong implication that alternate realities exist? Is Youngblood even in the same continuity as a possible Wolfenstein III??), but aren’t Machinegames busy doing Indiana Jones? How big is that studio? Could they have multiple teams and be working on both?

Outside of that, my wishlist is basically… Breath of the Wild 2 info and some kind of Super Nintendo Switch reveal, a Deus Ex sequel we know isn’t coming, aaaand Splinter Cell? Other than that, surprise me.

They announced that they’re doing an Indy game, but no details. I got the impression that pre-production started around when that teaser went out last year. The full production teams have almost certainly been doing something between Youngblood and now.

For reference, the release dates of the other MG Wolfensteins:

  • The New Order - 2014
  • The Old Blood - 2015
  • The New Colossus - 2017
  • Youngblood/Cyberpilot - 2019

Even accounting for COVID delays, Wolf 3 for 2022 doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.