Waypoint Weeklies: E3 Hopes and Dreams

Huh, when you put it like that, it does seem way more plausible. I guess I was thinking the Indy production predated the announcement, but that wasn’t based on anything specific.

wario land 5, just like every year :disappointed:


You know what? If I don’t see XCOM this year I will be perfectly fine with that after seeing Metal Slug Tactics. Fingers crossed the soundtrack for the game is as good as it was in that trailer.

I’m really hoping we get a look at a new Fire Emblem game at the Nintendo Direct. It’s been about two years since three houses so it may be a bit early, but if they’re doing another remake like Shadows of Valentia they might be close to something.

XCOM would be great to see too. Give me more tactics in general please.

My main wish is always gonna be a new SSX, even though I know that’s not gonna happen. More realistically, I’ll second the hope for any Level-5 announcement, and if Capcom wanna throw me a new Phoenix Wright to go along with the Great Ace Attourney localizations, I certainly won’t be mad.

Also: I still hold out hope that Nintendo will bring the cafe back to Animal Crossing, but I kinda doubt it at this point.