Waypoint Weeklies: Most Anticipated of 2022

Elden Ring, that’s the post.

…and ffxiv patches

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It’s hard to get excited for anything given the sheer amount of rug pulls 2022 is almost guaranteed to send our way. I feel like it’s borderline foolish to rely on almost anything actually going as planned, but under the assumption there will be some sort of normality:

Jackass Forever

At one point this was going to be a get together with vaxxed buddies and actually see a movie together event, but then it got delayed and cases went vertical so this is now a wait for streaming and have a google meet kind of thing. CKY and Jackass were huge for my friend group and we got together for all the previous films so it’s kind of bitter sweet at this point, but sometimes you just need something mindless with people you care about.

The Sandman

I have no delusions that the show will captivate me like the comic did and it will be… interesting to see what adaptation choices they make right, wrong, or indifferent. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing it just to know.

Elden Ring

Hopefully by the time this comes out I’ll have actually beaten Bloodborne and DS remake.

Bayonetta 3

If I put it out into the universe it manifests or something right? Is that how this works?


Heck, I’d be thrilled to get Bayo 3 at a solid 30 on Switch this year but I feel like it’s (pick two)

  1. runs well
  2. on Switch
  3. this year

This thread made me realise that I’m not really anticipating anything much this year.
I guess that the Sandman series, and maybe Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are vaguely enticing, but it increasingly feels like there’s already more than enough stuff to get excited by new things.

(I am, in the shorter term, interested to see what comes out of the currently ongoing ‘AI’ themed Quake mod jam, but not really on the level that this thread demands.)

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I am in the same boat as @aoanla I can not think of anything I’m really excited about for this year other then maybe painting more miniatures but that’s more of a continuation then something to be anticipated.

For games it’s Hitman 3 Year 2 and I guess more XCOM 2. There’s a new fan made version of Hammer coming out in the immediate future that makes it more stable and adds a ton of new features so I’m looking forward to using that as an excuse to get back into mapping.

elden ring. fifteen characters.

Well, slightly kidding. assuming BOTW2 doesn’t get delayed to 2023 (the odds of which I have absolutely no clue), that’s probably even higher on my list. I’m also looking forward to the spinoff open-world Pokemon game that’s supposed to be coming out in checks notes two weeks?? Shit. And I’m just generally looking forward to more games that use the Dualsense to its potential, because the few that have really really rock.

Indie-wise, I have been waiting five years at this point for Radio the Universe and I suppose I can wait a little longer, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t finally come into being this year. It seems like the dev is putting in finishing touches.


Sometime last year I decided to live by a specific philosophy regarding media. I realized that there is so much stuff already out compared to things that are on the way, so I will be better served in my quest to find my new favorite thing by playing/reading/listening to things that are already out rather than keeping up with new releases. Novelty blinds a lot of people (including me!) critically, so it’s a lot easier determine if something will really stick with me when hype isn’t a factor at all. In 2021 I got into Gundam, which has already given me multiple series that are in my favorite TV of all time. It was also the year where the Souls seires went from games I really enjoyed to probably my favorite game series ever. Not that I won’t be consuming new stuff! I definitely will! I’m just consciously not really looking forward that much.

That being said… Elden Ring is the most excited I’ve been for a game in a LOOOONG time. Like maybe since Skyrim! Citizen Sleeper is another game I’m anticipating. In Other Waters is one of the few games of the last few years that has really stuck with me, so a follow up is exciting.

Also, 100 gecs have a new album coming out! I heard a bunch of songs from it when they came in concert, and they were really good!


So, I am not being a curmudgeon; this is genuinely in the spirit of “I have no idea why I am supposed to be excited by this?”. So… Elden Ring is big… why?

First From game in three years. Also it’s basically open world Dark Souls, and folks love them some Dark Souls.

Ah, this explains why it is completely not on my radar at all. Not a From Software games person.
I hope all you lot enjoy it though.


Actually thinking more on this I am going to say that new Firaxis marvel game which I forgot about… along with Little Kitty Big City because it looks incredibly charming. No release date on it yet but I suspect sometime this year?


Oh right! There’s that PS5 game called “Stray” where you play as a cat. If that makes it this year


I feel like there isn’t much media-wise that I’m too hyped for next/this year. FFXVI and Breath of the Wild 2 don’t feel like 2022 games to me, there’s no Kingdom Hearts on the docket, Hollow Knight: Silksong is never gonna happen. Big movies are all MCU sequels and I don’t care. I’m kinda without a TV show I’m too excited for, not many books…

Fuck, that’s depressing.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm… There’s a new Gundam series called The Witch from Mercury, I have no idea what that’s about, but I wanna see a giant robot witch.


I am absolutely buzzing about the release of The Northman , Robert Eggers’ next release after The Lighthouse which immediately became an all-time favorite of mine. The trailer is pretty vague, but I’m in the mood for stories about destructive revenge quests and trust the director. Also, the cast rules.

Also excited to check out Elden Ring. I’ve never liked Dark Souls, but my time with Sekiro has been nice. I’ve only played a few hours because it usually makes me feel bad, but I love what they’re going for. I want to give a new entry a shot and also be part of ~the zeitgeist~.

It was released last month, but will soon be getting the English translation of Saša Stanišić‘s book Where You Come From. His book How The Soldier Repairs The Gramophone made me fall in love with literature again and manages to combine heartbreaking stories of childhood lost to war with reflections on how where you are raised is not only a part of your identity but an identity/personality itself. The title implies it has a lot of what I admire about his work, so that’s a big one.

And of course Hollow Knight Silksong PLEASE :frowning:

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Probably my most anticipated release for 2022 is NISEI’s next set of Netrunner cards, Midnight Sun, which they’re starting to tease now. I’m looking forward to getting to experience the meta shift for the first time since I got really into the game, and I’m also very curious to see where they go with it, what I’ve read from the lead designer is very compelling.

Unless it’s a catastrophic flop, I’ll probably end up buying Total Warhammer 3 close after launch, despite the fact that the best case scenario is probably just incremental improvements not fundamental reimagining. But it’s been a long time since I bought a AAA game at launch so I might just let myself have this one


TWW3 is going to be on game pass day 1 for PC, so you could try it out there if youre interested.

Im really looking forward to Horizon: Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok, and hopefully Starfield

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Burial releasing a very atmospheric long EP 6 days into January is a good omen for the year.


My partner is due to give birth to our second child any day now. So I don’t anticipate playing video games, reading books or watching films or TV in 2022. But having a new human in the house is gonna be fun!


Hey congrats! My youngest just turned two and I still have vivid memories of reading Pride and Prejudice while holding him to nap in the hospital.

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