Waypoint Weeklies: Second Chances

Welcome back to Waypoint Weeklies, where we present a question or prompt for everyone to discuss.

Everyone loves a comeback story. In recent years, we’ve seen quite a few rough launches that were later turned around, going on to become rousing successes–No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy XIV, Rainbow Six Siege, even Fortnite. However, for every Fortnite success story, there is a slew of other games that never get another shot (R.I.P. Anthem).

So this week let’s discuss: What are some games that you wish got a second chance at life? This could also extend to hardware, mechanics in games, or even technologies (like 3D).

Time rewinding! Hardly anybody does it anymore. The last game I remember that had any kind of time rewind mechanics was Braid.

As for games in particular, I want Singularity (the game on my mind right now) to get a sequel. A good ol’ fashioned B game with a cool hook that doesn’t overstay its welcome.


Bioware are cowards if they go back to the Shepherd saga for the next Mass Effect. There’s enough interesting threads opened up in Andromeda that I would have liked to have seen resolved.


It’s been said a lot but I miss the pre-Origins Assassin’s Creed formula. While I enjoy the new games I miss the urban settings and dislike having to think about loot. The parkour was part of the game not just because it was fun but because that was the fastest way to get across dense cities. I enjoyed the puzzle like nature of the climbing and combat and just have no interest in see damage numbers.

@DarthTythus I hope the possible return to the 00’s Prince of Persia will revive both time rewinding and that style of traversal puzzles. The AC games were kind of the successor to that series and a open world traversal focused POP game (hopefully with time rewinding) could be really cool.


It’s not quite dead yet, but boy I sure hope Avengers gets a second wind. It’s got it’s problems, but I do like the concept of bringing comic book inspired serialized storytelling to an ongoing game. The little story morsel we got with Kate Bishop’s dlc pack has got me really excited for the possibilities going forward, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Clint Barton pack next week to see where it goes. Pair that with a combat system that is actually quite good once you level up your chosen hero a bit, and the game just has so much potential that I’m sad that so many people are rooting against it.

@DarthTythus May I recommend the consistently excellent Forza and Forza Horizon games, which all use rewind mechanics to create a low frustration racing experience?


I’m on the sort of opposite end and want to see Crystal Dynamics make more single player Marvel games.

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I played ReCore recently and I really think if they took another shot at it it could be something really great. ReCore as-is is pretty middling but it feels so close to being special. I had pretty similar feelings about The Order 1886 when I played that last year, too.

Also, I agree with NotThePars, I’d like to see a Mass Effect: Andromeda sequel. There was enough good and interesting stuff in there that I think it’d be worth revisiting.

Oh, and the Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles games. Seeing developers take an existing IP with a pretty set formula and translate it into a different type of game is extremely cool and I’d like to see more developers give it a shot.


I tried Forza Horizon 4 and discovered that I’m almost worse at driving in video games than I am in real life.

I suppose that’s fair, but at this point I can’t see them pivoting like that. An Avengers failure likely just means we’re back to the old status quo of Marvel existing mostly on mobile with the occasional Spider-Man game from Insomniac. I just don’t see how rooting for Avengers failure is productive at this stage, especially when the game as it stands actually has a really good single player campaign already, and if you stick to just the main story content, the game is functionally single player anyway.

Back at you with The Order: 1886. That was a fun little world with a perfect length.

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I absolutely despise Metroid Other M in terms of story and structure, but that gameplay was perfectly sound. With a story that was insultingly sexist and horrible and a few other decisions going the other way, that could have been a perfectly competent, or even great game.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates could have been a game I’ve been kind of yearning to see made for ages: a smaller scale and mechanically simpler 4X. And the art style was really pleasing to the eye. But at launch it was a bit broken, it felt like there was almost no friction. I should really give it another shot, but…

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (pun intended), it’s unfortunate we never got another DJ Hero. Yes the first two entries were well received, but just like how the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises got another chance after a several year hiatus, I wish the same could’ve happened with DJ Hero.

Another pick for me is Sleeping Dogs. I had a blast with the first game (besides the whole, ya know…cop thing) and was saddened to see the follow up get canceled.

And for the fun of it, I’ll throw in Brink. I never played it, but the idea of a parkour-based shooter always appealed to me.

Hardware wise, I so desperately wish the PS Vita could’ve gotten another chance at life (it’s name literally means “life” for crying out loud :sob:). I love the thing and think it had a lot of potential, but Sony’s lack of continued first party support among other poor choices like using proprietary memory cards, killed it off way too soon.


I would argue that it being a service game undercuts it ability to be a good single player game. The powers and upgrades need to be balanced for a multiplayer service games. The levels and enemies have to be designed to accommodate all the heroes instead of Kamala Khan’s specific move set. The story itself can never really have a satisfying conclusion because it must continue indefinitely.

I don’t want Avengers to fail. But I am glad that big published are learning that there is a market for self-contained single player games.

I don’t exactly follow this line of thinking? I mean, yes you can say that the game isn’t exclusively designed around Kamala, but that’s because it’s an Avengers game and not Kamala specific, not because it has a multiplayer layer. Perhaps you can say that a few grindy missions can be removed as the game no longer has to show you multiplayer activities, but it’s not like single player games don’t have filler missions.

And I’m not sure how a single player game would mean story closure inherently. Spider-Man has like three separate teases for future storytelling in its ending, but no one is complaining about that. Avengers tells a cohesive story IMO with a silly comic book ending, and I don’t really see how making it an exclusively single player game would really change those plot beats.

Trying to wrestle with this question. Part of me wants to simply list a bunch of games that I wish got sequels which seems not quite in the spirit of the question. So instead part of my brain is going to think in terms of reboots OR games I simply wish had gotten the extra love when they needed it most

  • City of Heroes - Easy one. MMOs are totally out of vogue but live games are very in? Could see this game make a comeback as more of a live game. Essentially how Destiny in 3rd person plays…but better than that cause that’s not a whole bunch of fun. Could absolutely see a Battle Pass where you can get an exclusive cape with the Bugel logo on it. I know the DC game flopped and Avengers will as well but think the lack of weight and how big super heroes are right now, feels like the time is right.

  • Clive Barker Games - I don’t know what I’m looking for. Part of it adapting writing into games? Let’s bring it back.

  • Reigns - If the question is what game I wish got a second life, feels this fits the bill since the life it had/has, has not been ideal. Became a fairly good success and then repeated that across games and genres, and got the Game of Thrones dealio out of it. They didn’t mess with it. This was a game that had potential but never really realized it because it didn’t have to.

  • Wreckfest - Probably not even a fair game to add. It is regularly receiving updates. That said, it hasn’t gotten that second life. It hasn’t gotten the update that turns it from a cool idea/game to a really good game. I don’t know if it is built to be able to do that. I played it for the first time on Game Pass but I hadn’t heard a single thing about it before and was still going off the initial impressions from folks. Feels like this game needs something BIGGER. My systematic and maybe some sort of partnership that really captures how much fun it could be. Thinking more Halo inspired car than a Mustang

There are a lot of games with stellar gameplay or stories that never found an audience - this could just be a list of Level-5 games I adore that never got sequels or remaster - but in terms of games I’d just like to have seen given a longer life, I can’t help but remember Chromehounds. A FromSoftware mech game on the Xbox 360, one with a persistent war in the multiplayer. I’m sure some games have done the persistent online war better since Chromehounds, but it had some cool mech customisation so I’d probably still like it more than Foxhole. (And there is a small, but alive, community for M.A.V., which is an indie spiritual successor to Chromehounds.)

As for genres, most of my faves have had small revivals, but when will the MUD revival come? A lot of the old ones’ source codes are out there and a few have communities still; TriadCity, I think, got an Android release last year. But the indie space, with Twine devs and the love for indie point and clicks and roguelikes like Caves of Qud, shows the potential for a fresh take on MUDs.


I feel like the Day/Night cycle had a brief moment of actually being interesting and systemically relevant to open-world games between 2012 and 2015 and then we went back to it being purely visual. We got Dragon’s Dogma and Dying Light and that was it. I wish more games could capture how disconcerting it is to be outside at night without the light pollution of our modern cities.


Just finished FFXV which locked tougher and more varied enemies behind the night cycle which was pretty cool. It even becomes a story element later on that I vibed with. Agreed with you, I wish it was utilised a lot better.


I completely forgot about FFXV! I remember getting the shit scared out of me when driving at night and the game spawned a high-level enemy right in the middle of the road. Games need to do more stuff like that.

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