Waypoint Weeklies: Single-player... with multiple players!

As a child, I was surrounded by my siblings, who also played games. Given there was only so much time to share between us, I ended up watching a lot more games than I played. I found this to be really fun. I liked the collaboration between us as one of us would play through a game, or the insights we’d share about these games. I even found when playing games myself, having a copilot was a lot of fun.

More recently, inspired by the giant bomb Hitmas Special they produced one year for goty, I’ve been doing the same for all of the hitman maps with some of my friends. We’ll take an evening, pick a map, and run through the challenges ourselves. I even wrote a small script to generated scenarios for us. Often the best part is watching someone else get a really tough prompt, and collaborating on how to get through.

Additionally, I’ve been watching a friend play through the Shenmue series recently, and while a game I’d have never picked up myself, its been a ton of fun being a copilot through the whole thing.

Sometimes there’s just something to sharing the single player game experience with others that makes a game all that much better.

So this week, I want to know:

  • Do you enjoy playing through single player games with others, whether piloting or watching along?
  • Are there certain games you find you prefer this sort of collaborative play experience with?

I once played Mario Galaxy with my three year old brother. He wouldn’t take “just watch Eric play” as an answer and demanded he have half the controller. I had D-pad, he had nunchuck. And despite intense difficulty, we actually got a Star.

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I played Oxenfree with my roommates this spooky season. That was okay. Game is probably a bit long for that. (We did 3 sessions.) One of them (not me) played and the others had input.

More often, I’ll use the TV in our living room and play something while they’re around. Often they see things I miss, usually in Animal Crossing or Mario Odyssey. It’s fun! I’m definitely somebody that prefers to be playing, though, as can get frustrated watching people less proficient than me.

Life Or Level is a timeless Crash Bandicoot tradition.

I haven’t played through a single-player game with another person in about two decades. It’s not really my thing anymore. But some of us remember The Old Ways.


Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne were all couch coop games with my roommates at the various times switching every Death or close to it… I think one of the reasons DS3 left me cold was that it’s no fun to ‘listen to a greatest hits album’ alone.


Me and my friends always used to pass the controller around while playing GTA San Andreas, giving ourselves a bunch of weapons via cheats and then trying to cause as much chaos as possible. This was the quintessential smelly white boy PS2 experience. We’ll never see its like again.


Heavy rain, Detroit become human, until dawn. When that style of game has a bunch of characters, my friends and I like to split up the characters and pass around the controller. This results in very different and sometimes conflicting decisions for the different characters. It makes for a very fun experience, even with the highly questionable quantic dream games.
(Playing the quantic dream games was before I was aware of the issues at that studio)

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Nextlander’s Pretty Good Assassin Tour with Vinny, Brad and Alex cemented for me that Hitman games should ideally be played with other people in a group call. There are so many ways to have mini friendly competitions between each other while playing this game and it bums me out that there is no official support for a multiplayer challenge mode. They experimented with it in 2 but it was just okay, never really captured what you ideally wanted.

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When my family got together at my grandmother’s house, my older cousin would bring his PlayStation and we would go over to my aunt’s house next door and spend all our time playing games. I had my own PlayStation at home but because he was older he had a bunch of different games than me. I watched him play Syphon Filter and Tomb Raider and had a great time.

Years later, my friend and me played through Red Dead Redemption together over the course of a summer. We took turns on the controls but it was pretty cool sitting back and watching the game played by someone else.


There are a lot of games I enjoy the stories of, but don’t particularly enjoy playing, which end up as this by default. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat is interesting, but much more action-y than I like from a game of that sort, but I loved watching my spouse play it so we could watch the cut scenes together like a film with 30-minute tourism ads for Sector 5 breaking it up.

In general, that’s how we play all games in genres only one of us is especially fond of. Metal Gear, Yakuza, most visual novels, Daemon x Machina, etc.

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