Waypoint Weeklies: Video Game World Vacation

Hey folks, welcome to another installment of Waypoint Weeklies where we present a question or prompt for everyone to discuss.

Every now and again it’s good to take a break from the stressors of daily life and go on a nice vacation. Now what if you had the chance to take a trip to a video game world of your choosing? Be it a relaxing stay on your own meticulously designed and perfectly terraformed Animal Crossing island, or trekking through the various locales of the Mushroom Kingdom, this week, we’re asking where you would like to visit for your video game vacation?

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It’s an interesting question, because most of my absolute favorite video game worlds are also places I may die in before I could check into the hotel. But a couple of worlds that come to mind:

Untitled Goose Game is set in a world where Thatcher was chased out of office by a goose, so it is an ideal version of England and much preferable to vacation to than our actual England.

And because there were a couple of video game adaptations of this world, I get to count it: Dinotopia! A multicultural, kinda communist utopia with dinosaurs. So nice you’ll want to live there, and conveniently, it is surrounded by a storm system that makes it near impossible to leave.


I wanna go to Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine. I’ll have what Mario is having.


The two areas that pop in mind are the entirety of A Short Hike and the cottage at the end of Hades.


I would say an Animal Crossing island… just the perfect idyllic getaway. But, then again, I already have a mortgage… I don’t need another one, Tom Nook!

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Gotta be the Alola Region in Pokemon. Universal healthcare. Internet access like…everywhere. And perhaps more to the point, Pokemon.


The island of Eastshade. Very rarely have I had a game’s scenery take my breath away, but there are quite a few locations in this game that are just stunning, and its such a pleasant place to inhabit and walk around.

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This is a surprisingly difficult question for me, but I think I would be down to go camp on the island from Cozy Grove and help some ghost bears out.

Sevii Islands for me in Pokémon. Guess we’re both about that island life.

I don’t think Game Freak has matched the “wilderness” feeling of the Sevii Islands in the other Pokémon games I’ve played. Tons of weird, unique locations. Hot springs, ancient ruins, ice caves with waterfalls. Small, cozy towns to come back to after you spend the day hiking. Sounds great. I might just turn on Leafgreen later today.

Honorable mention to some of the cool spots in Breath of the Wild. Yes, absolutely I would die on my way to Rito Village and Lurelin Village, but they would be super cool to hang out in if I survived.

Oh, and the monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses always struck me as underappreciated. A massive, millennia-old church complex on top of a mountain. Sick. Can you tell I like Nintendo games.


I feel like referencing a Lord of the Rings game is cheating, BUT:

Lord of the Rings Online has had a housing system since launch, with the original housing options inspired by the four main racial hubs in Eriador – Bree for Men, Michel Delving for Hobbits, Celondim for Elves, and Thorin’s Gate for Dwarves. I had my house in the Falathlorn Homesteads outside Celondim for ages, despite playing a human character. It’s some good vibes.

But eventually, they expanded the map to include Gondor, including a substantial detour into Dol Amroth, which is only mentioned in the books. (LOTRO rules for this stuff, you spend a lot of time in places that appear on the edges of the main story.) At the same time, the game added new “premium” housing themed on Dol Amroth, in an area called the Cape of Belfalas. It’s cool as heck. The houses all have ocean views, sea birds are everywhere circling above, there are boats just kind of chilling and sailing in circles, etc., etc. 10/10 would vacation there.


Hoenn Region would be my pick, probably purely for the nostalgia (Pokemon Sapphire was my first Pokemon game), but also I have like almost that entire map burned into my memory. But honestly, I’d be okay with anywhere in that world because, like you said, Pokemon.


Seconding Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine, first place that popped into my mind. But… Throughout the game it’s shown that the island is a dysfunctional shit show. Everything is falling apart all over the place, even in ways unrelated to the main conflict of the story. Sometimes it’s a chill seeming watermelon festival, and other times there’s a flaming chain-chomp on the loose. I’d like to go on one of their good weeks.

Smaller spaces I would love to spend a week in are Millennial Fair in Chrono Trigger, Chao Garden from Sonic Adventures 2, and Slateport City with the seaside cycling road in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald


The first area from Dead Island. You know, after they clear out all the zombies.

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Stardew Valley seems like a pretty chill place to get away for awhile. So much to do there: Go visit the tavern for some drinks, go fishing at the beach, possibly commit some light-arson on the JoJa Corporation…


I think Isle Delfino’s problems all stem from Shadow Mario sending Shrine Sprites everywhere. I think they work like shards of the Shikon Jewel from Inuyasha, where they power up various creatures that touch them. Once Mario gathers all the Sprites, the place should be very peaceful.

I am definitely not chilling on a beach with a Phantamanta attacking, to be clear.

I’m in the middle of Mass Effect 3 Citadel, and I wouldn’t mind a few days of shore leave in Anderson’s apartment:


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Gonna second the island from A Short Hike, such a great mix of spots to relax and adventure.


If it wasn’t for the Sea Monsters, Pirates, Skeletons and Pirates, Sea of Thieves would be a dream vacation spot. Beaches, Forts, Grog, and pleasant seas for miles.

I would 100% go to Hotto/ Mt. Huji from Dragon Quest XI. It’s a quiet little village with plenty of hot springs and villagers that speak only in haiku (I realize the 7/5/7 meter does not a haiku make, however it’s still charming enough in the game). It’s quiet, cozy, and seems like exactly my jam.

Every time I have some downtime in a match of Apex Legends on Olympus I’m just like, cor, this’d be a nice place to visit huh? Fancy restaurants, sega-green gardens, pools, live sports and airy apartments all hanging a thousand feet in the air. Not somewhere you’d like to stay too long (I can’t imagine the nightlife is all that) but I reckon you could luck into worse hotels for a long weekend break.

Also reckon the Dear Esther island would be a great spot for a camping trip, assuming you didn’t wander into any mopey, overly-poetic englishmen.