Waypoint Weeklies: Video Game World Vacation

Watching a lot of Mario Golf today on Twitch, I think I would enjoy visiting some of those golf resorts. They are all really cool looking, and I think they would make for great vacation spots. I’m not a golfer, mind you. The one time I did golf, I had more fun getting drunk at the clubhouse. I think that would be an option at any of these resorts, because you KNOW them toads be getting lit.


Not a fan of golf or golf resorts IRL, but the Mario versions do look pretty cool.

The planet in Subnautica. Outside of the deeper creatures and the radiation inside the Aurora, it’s like camping! Underwater! And if you have to pay Alterra back 1 trillion dollars, wouldn’t you want to stay down there too?


Eorzea sells potions that allow you to turn yourself into a catgirl so…


Probably Lospass Island from Flower, Sun, And Rain. You’ve got the requisite amenities, free reign to explore the island, mysterious and vaguely creepy vibe, and you can live the same day over and over forever.


I feel like Edwards Island from Oxenfree would be a cool place to vibe for a bit once you get rid of all the racist ghosts


Medici from Just cause 3 after its been liberated. I like a good mediterranean island ^^

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Perhaps it’s just because I’m playing it again at the moment, but Hallownest from Hollow Knight would be an amazing destination. Haunting, beautiful trip through ruins and whatnot

not a typical pick but the hospital from 2016 hitman. love the view

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I’d love to spend a day hanging out with Pascal and his pals in the village when everything is chilled out.