Waypoints 50 - The Batman (2022)

Patrick, Renata, and Cado all saw a movie this weekend, but first they have to talk about what Cado spend 23 hours doing over the weekend. That's right, it's Raid Time in Destiny and Cado went full gremlin mode. After that, we get into Matt Reeves' The Batman, discussing how surprisingly funny it is, it's issues with character motivations, and how much it really loves cops.

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The Batman seems to view cops as being adherents to a sanctified moral code: “good” cops (ones who, in this case, don’t take money from the mob) are heroes; “bad” cops (ones who take mob money) are evil (I do believe there’s a line in the movie calling them something like “the worst kind of scum”). It spends most of the movie painting Jim Gordon (a superb performance from Jeffrey Wright) as a man without a country - what do you do when you’re the last honest cop in Gotham? A great dramatic question that they kinda punt on because they’re bound by the rules of Batman.

The movie as a whole seems to argue that people either push against the tides of the systems that encircle them or they become consumed by them, which feels pretty noir, but in making that argument it winds up doing some pretty dissonant character building from a left perspective.

EDIT: Renata’s Batman voice is incredible.


I typed up a long explanation as to why Batman always ends up conscripting cops into his crusade but it’s not worth interrogating because Batman is too dumb for meaningful dissection of political ideologies IMO.

So instead I just want to say I liked it, I thought it was an interesting take on Gotham City as a failed state and how Batman inspires the worst in a society with the internet. Also liked that The Riddler was only successful because everyone gave him too much credit when in reality his riddles sucked and his grand plan wasn’t some massive conspiracy, he was targeting people from a ledger for a fund that kept surfacing in the course of investigating but they never bothered looking into it. The dumb cop that was a bouncer for the mob off-book that Batman clocks as a crooked cop early on and has multiple opportunities to investigate him or interrogate him eventually fills in all the pieces which means there had to be so many ways to uncover what was going on but they just kept trying to solve riddles when just asking questions was all they really had to do. Batman and Gordon fail at every turn in this movie, they suck at this and Batman is only good at beating henchmen up, and he’s really good at it, but at the end Batman all but admits he sucks.


Honestly, the “el” versus “la” thing, despite being played for a laugh (to the extent that The Batman permits such a thing), really highlights how mediocre of a detective Batman and Gordon really are. You mean to tell me that, in a city alleged to be 12 million people, neither Gordon nor Bruce picked up some basic Spanish grammar?


Batman Returns is the greatest movie ever made. I’m not joking, not even close to joking. (Okay, slightly joking.) But it’s such an incredible thing, extraordinary piece of bonkers Expressionist nightmares.

I ended up loving this movie. I’m not gonna come out here and say its politics are anything other than what they appear: Batman’s always been a violent centrist liberal and will remain a violent liberal centrist. At his best he’s Mayor Eric Adams, and his worst he’s… well, Frank Miller has given us plenty of that shit. I’m a huge Batman fan, I just find a way to live with it. I went to see this movie and spent most of it wishing I had another Batman Arkham game, because I could see the little blue electric symbols over the crooks’ heads as Hot Emo Robert Pattinson Batman beat them up.

Cado nailed it with his description of this movie as a graphic novel on the screen. This feels exactly like some 12-issue vaguely canonical Batman comic book you’d find at Barnes and Nobles, even down to the cheesy monologue about “crime” at the very beginning. You could restructure this story with every issue ending with a murder and it would fit exactly.

The energy Renata is bringing to the pod is one of the best things to happen to the pod in quite awhile.


The segment where she was talking about that dude reading Chainsaw Man was pure Austin Walker down to the line breaks and the syntax. It was incredible.


I didn’t quite expect a full AMCA style story breakdown of the entire plot, but by the time this is on streaming or digital I’ll probably have forgotten most of the details. Was a fun listen.

I watched this video the other day of the cast sharing fan theories.'The Batman' Fan Theories with Rob Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano & Jeffrey Wright | Vanity Fair - YouTube

A few of the theories were very Telltale adjacent, something both Pattinson and Dano mentioned. And it sounds like those theories were valid.

Batman smooches (that I can remember from watching the extended Timmverse cartoons):
1 cat woman
2 cheetah
3 Talia
4 Barbara Gordon (in the Batman beyond future)
5 Zatanna
Not 100% on this but
6 an android
7 Wonder Woman
8 the joker
9 Harley Quinn

Batman TAS was never that sexual or delegated to off screen. In the Justice League cartoons they ramp it up…to the point where just him singing a love song makes women do a Tex Avery swoon from thirst animation.
Batman exists in so many incarnations across all time and space so it’s feasible he could have kissed everyone, when you think about it.

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