Waypoints 53 - The Warner/Discovery Merger featuring Adam Conover

We’ve got a very special waypoints for y’all today! Friend of the pod Adam Conover is joining the Waypoint crew to talk about the recent Warner Media/Discovery merger. We discuss how the merger might affect one of the better streaming libraries out there in HBO Max, the callousness of television execs when making decisions to cancel shows, and how the exponential growth mentality of the industry will kill some of its best works. Then we dig into the games Adam’s been playing recently, his recent obsession with CRT TVs, and detour for a quick dip in the question bucket.

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I was hoping there would be an episode about this! Very helpful breakdown of a very awful situation.


I’ve been getting angrier over this, especially the tax right-off angle. Is it in the public’s interest at all to pay a studio to not make a movie? It’s a load of horseshit. This is in nobody’s interest.

If Hollywood accounting didn’t need a massive crackdown before, it does now.


This conversation is just what I was looking for about this topic. Thanks Adam and Waypoints.


Learning about Hollywood accounting was an early step in me becoming radicalized.


Cado is right, Kingdom Hearts combat is good actually. Patrick is in pure philistine mode.


Per the Michael Jordan vs Michael B. Jordan question. Here is Brian Scalabrine, a 43 year old with a bad back who average 3.1 ppg, destroying a random kid in a pickup game. Even the worst NBA player was still one of the 500 best basketball players in the world at some point in their life.


Agreed! The combat was one of the biggest appeals of the first two games for me. I had not played a game like it at the time and found it very satisfying.


Personally, I envisage Rob’s intro as being like when you walk into a random house in Baldur’s Gate 2

“Oh hello, you’ve found Waypoints, where the Waypoint staff and friends take a break to nerd out and deep dive on the culture, art, and entertainment that’s been inspiring and provoking us lately.”

Time Stop
Prismatic Spray
Finger of Death
Symbol, Fear

CG of a hand disintegrating


I’m going to be thinking about the phrase “the social utility of the cheeseboard” for the rest of the week.

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