Waypoint's Fave Save Points


In honour of the upcoming Save Points event, I was wondering what everyone’s favourite save points are. While they’ve been integrated more seamlessly into the world design in recent years, when games were getting their footing save points were often abstract otherworldly portals you’d find glimmering across the world.
I see Final Fantasy 7’s dixie-cup-vaporwave save point as being a pivotal point in save point history.

Which of these video game relics are you fave saves?

  1. Any save room in a resident evil game with their calming music.

  2. Toilets in No More Heroes.


skies of arcadia BAY BEE



hello yes the ffvii save points are awful thank you

they look nice, sure, but the whole, stand near them, open the menu to find the save option, rather than just interact with them, thing


This is purely the devil that lurks within me but Final Fantasy XII’s save points are good



some of them be evil


Phone Dad in Earthbound


Evil save points? I’ve literally never heard of that, but that’s just cruel.

Call me old fashioned, but one of my favorite save points is a classic bed in the latter GTA games. After my character’s been up for like 62 hours straight committing widespread crime and chaos, it’s just nice to come home and chill in a presumably hard uncomfortable bed, ya know?

(with full clothes (and shoes???) on)



When Mario jumps on one of these it goes “BOONG”, and I like it.





I love how the save points/cult symbols in Silent Hill 3 provide the player with security but still add to the feeling of pervasive dread.


I liked ICO’s approach to save points. Something about sitting on a couch (though one that looks pretty uncomfortable) to rest and save your game fit within that world and its character.

On the inverse of that, I never felt good about stopping to save my game in Alien: Isolation and I kinda loved that about it. Especially how it’d indicate that enemies were nearby, to make you even more anxious.


now that i think about it the iga castlevanias save points have always been cool, they all mostly diffrent an have little animations


I cannot think of any game but Xenogears that has floaty symbol FF7 save points and also makes them actual objects that play a part in the story.


More recent examples but:

Always such a peaceful moment, especially this one. The speaker and the slightly tinny version of the usual theme was a nice touch.


And the saga of mouse and cheese will always be my favorite save point meta-joke.


Mega Man Legends is such a good game, you know?


I’m partial to the classic Symphony of the Night big ol’ floating polygon shape



Do the safe houses in the L4D games count as save points or do they fall more in line with being checkpoints?



Resident Evil is one of the few examples of limiting the amount of saves you could make by only allowing a save when you found a typewriter AND had a ribbon.

Dead Space 2 actually has a callback to to this, there is a mode where you can only save a limited amount of times, super hard, never finished that one.


I like that functionality in JRPGs because not only are you allowed to use tents while in the aura, but it also reminds you to put your affairs in order before you save so that it’s easier to start back up. Maybe you need to heal a bit, junction some new magic, swap some materia around your party, equip some new espers or relics, etc, so when you load your save you’re ready to go.

Anyway, here’s a picture of Candy Kong: