Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


This is the discussion thread for the Made Up Games Tournament!

Please share your thoughts on the tournament and current match ups. If you have any questions, this is also the place for it. If you’d like to be a part of coming up with great descriptions for some of these games (During the first round) please see our Back of the Box thread!

Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Finale)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Round 2, last hours, vote now!)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Semifinals)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Preliminary Round Part 1)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Round 1 Part 2, closing soon, vote now!)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Quarterfinals) (Only a few hours left!)

nba dad vs earth soccer despair should really be something decided at the other end of this tournament, dang



NBA Dad 2k9 is something I’d absolutely play


NBA Dad vs Earth Soccer Despair is the crossover game that would never come out that I’d always want to play.


i look forward to the game jam actually creating these

i’ll make the wiki


this name generator is coming up with some truly outlandish titles



i would sincerely love to play an obscure, surrealist indie game called Long People


Look, Prey is a great game I know, but there’s no way Everybody’s Pretty would be a better name than Galaga Hotline Armored Detroit: EXPLODES

EDIT: Okay, Everybody’s Pretty would be a better game, but not Everybody’s Prey.


I know it’s a typo and as a girl who makes tons of typos I don’t love when people riff on them but:

I sincerely, very very much want to play Everybody’s Pretty.


Is Kirby the surgeon in Kirby Inpatient? Because Kirby’s bedside manner would be impeccable.


kirby is the patient and he’s eaten too many people. open him up and discover a vast and unknowable pocket dimension built to drain the power of its victims. it’s a roguelike.


Armored Mario, finally the gritty reboot we’ve been waiting for.


My headcanon is that the game was originally called Everybody’s Pretty, but an exec somewhere decided they had to keep making use of that Prey licence.


I thought it was an NBA 2k Spinoff.


Though would you be a pro basketball player who needs to raise their family too, or like… Lavar Ball? I’d play both tbh.


Clearly you’re an irritated dad trying to enjoy the one NBA game he got tickets to.


Naruto Grind is obviously a skating game, but my question is, do they do the Naturo run arms when they skate, too?


Obviously , the ninja run arms increase your speed


I’m imagining a Tony Hawk Underground situation where you’re grindinjg and continue to grind and jump off your board and run besides it with your arms out.


May I make a write-in vote for Octopath Blues Traveler?