Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


anyone want to give me a pitch for what “FEZ Diabolical Sherlock Tokyo Joust” is

because i voted for it but i honestly haven’t got a clue


As a long person, I’ve been looking forward to greater representation in video games.


Naruto Grind is obviously a skating racer-fighter.
Think SSX or Downhill Domination, but with lots more fireballs and shuriken.


I’m 100% onboard for Mafia Swan, I just gotta know: What era? Are talkin’ moodily-lit prestige drama Sopranos swans? Are we talkin’ ‘70s swans in big-collared polyester prints? Are these “nyeh, see?” swans rum-running with revenuers at their back? Or is it about an avian crime dynasty running through all these eras???


I personally want the rise and fall story, Goodfellas Swans.


a thing i am learning about myself is that i like just all those long ones haha. just fill me with syllables.


overjoyed that they’re finally adapting my favorite randy newman song


RBI Batman works on multiple levels and I can already tell it’s not going to get the respect it deserves in this competition


Oh WOW I totally missed it that’s incredible.


Mario Sorrow Eater 8.

M A R I O S O R R O W E A T E R 8


I can see so clearly the menus in Pony Turismo. Ponies by the seaside with the sound of gently lapping waves. Ponies in fields as the grass blows.

Pony Turismo doesn’t just replicate feeling of racing ponies, it conveys the Full Pony Experience.


For the record, it’s very unfair to pit a game against its own expansion dlc. Based on @sputnik 's description of Darkest Motorsport Dungeon, it’s oh so obvious that Nights: Shippuden: Rage Dreams is the inevitable dlc follow up.

A revamped dynamic day/night cycle AND a new Rage mechanic, yes please.


Also putting it out there that The Rollercoaster Witness is a murder mystery game.

“Boy on ridiculously high roller-coaster hill sees unspeakable act happening in secluded area near theme park…”


I know we all love Pony Turismo, but hear me out… The Jurassic Disco Anomaly: Sins doesn’t deserve to die either. Maybe I’m just biased towards longer titles, but also, I’d much rather play Pony Horizon


The hardest decision was between _UFC Civilization 2070 _ and Mario Sorrow Eater 8. A future where UFC defines humanity or Mario as a sin eating priest inspiring 8 games.


It’s the : Sins that really elevates this one. Like there was a lighter Jurassic Disco Anomaly with a lot of dark loose ends in its lore that needed closure.


The implications:

  • There already was a Juarassic Disco
  • During this disco, there was an anomaly
    And now:
  • There’s another Jurassic Disco
  • There are dark consequences to the Jurassic Disco
  • There’s both a new Jurassic Disco and it has dark consequences.

The title gives you a ton to work with!


That’s true but also


Pony Turismo


I do have to say, the idea of not just a pony racing game, but the stuffiest, most pretentious, pony racing game with like, watch advertisements and stuff in it would be great.


Long, completely inconsequential ambient cutscenes in the background of the main menu, focusing on a hand with a Rolex as it brushes a mane.