Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


This is just to say

I have voted
The Jurassic


Everybody’s Prey, it’s like Prey, but a CoD shooter instead of an immersive sim. That’s what Everybody’s means, right?



Ultralight Drifter/Hyper Light Beam


They also all skate on water from time to time.


Hey everyone! Round 2 is going up in a little bit so if you haven’t yet, vote now!!


Round 2 is up!

Vote here: http://bit.ly/FakeGamePollRound2


NBA Dad 2k19 v. Kirby Inpatient is an impossible matchup. How can I choose between dads as a class and Kirby, who I wish was my dad?


inside sources are telling me that kirby inpatient is actually getting made

source: kirby’s my dad and also works at nintendo


I have a feeling Mario is a very personal, story-driven game. Like, every Mario game has another word in the title. Like Mario is to Mario games as Logan is to the X-men films. I’m almost certain it’s a Naughty Dog game.


I can’t wait for the eventual remake in ten years though, The Mario.


A Naughty Chomp Game


Poor Kirby Inpatient…


I can’t believe I have to pick between “Cosmic Goo Crew” and “Sonic Die Hedgehog” when they are both SO GOOD


Mario Sorrow Eater 8 is just the game where Mario gets a Twitter

Also I can’t believe I’m being made to chose between it and Beatmania Dynasty Monkey Dishonored: Inc


I feel like a lot of the real fun game titles with 4+ words are going to lose to shorter names and that makes me a touch sad!


I fucking love The Rollercoaster Witness and XCOM: So Unknown, so it was really hard for me to choose between them


Yeah I feel that; some of the long names are so good!


That’s it, I’m focusing my efforts to make sure Pony Turismo runs the table


I’m all about Long People. Let’s bring 'em home!