Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


Oho, looks like Mario Sorrow Eater is not gonna make it past Pony Tourismo. It was a good run.


How is Hellgate: Spelunky not beating anything it encounters? (I’m happy for Pony Turismo, though.)


There are some good contenders left, but I’m calling it now–Long People is running away with this whole thing.


Running away on its lemgthy lemgthy legs


Now I have to pick between Mario and Cosmic Goo Crew??? Waypoint why???

EDIT: part of the problem is that “cosmic goo crew” is a legitimately good name for a video game that I would 100% play


This is such a dilemma for me too. Cosmic Goo Crew is so genuinely good, but also my stupid ironic ass really wants to see ‘Mario’ win the whole thing.


I refuse to vote anything Mario now. My poor poor Pony Turismo :sob:
Still holding out for that great Cosmic Goo Crew


Hmm does not work with me :frowning:


Here’s an updated link to the third round!



Thank you very mutch! :slight_smile:


I don’t see why anyone votes Mario, tbh. :wink:


we’re so close


I wanna know who abstained on Jurassic Squadron vs RBI Batman.

Because I respect that, it’s a hard choice because both are good.


I abstained because I had no interest in either one. Sorry for ruining the 69 train. Not sorry for not liking Batman.


That position requires no apology, either. Sorry to put you on defense for it, honestly.


It’s cool, if I didn’t want to drag Batman a bit I would have just stayed a mystery 69 blocker forever.


The quarterfinals are up!! There were a lot of matches that were incredibly close.

Pony Turismo barely beat out Mario Sorrow Eater 8 by a mere percentage!!



We want to encourage people to check out the great work people did on the back of the box thread and encourage them to go back, because we’ve now added the eight quarter finalists!

Essentially, people are welcome to, in a few sentences, describe what they think these games would be.

Check it out here!


everyone voted for the wrong things in the previous rounds.

look what we lost:
Flower Breed Flames
Death Fox Army a Coming
Guilty Desperate Generations Rev. 2
Earth Soccer Despair
The Demastered

At least Mafia Swan made it this far, but it’s losing. I’ll be over here crying. Thanks.