Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


The only P.T. I’ll ever care about


“Do you have P.T. On your PS4?” “Yeah of course I do. I’d be silly not to.”


Hey, I voted for a couple of those things (and I voted for Mafia Swan).
People just have no appreciation for a poetically surrealist game title any more!


These semifinals feel impossible but the results are surprisingly tilted!


I think Long People V. Pony Turismo is going to be super close, if it happens.


Long People vs. Long Faces


I Can’t Believe you fools are letting Pony Turismo overtake Cosmic Goo Crew

Cosmic Goo Crew is a masterpiece and is proof that computers can make art


I’m biased towards cosmic goo crew because I wrote the back of box, but it DOES have the most alliteration.

I would like to see a simulator that gets as serious about ponies as the tourismo series does about cars, though…can you imagine?


Hoping for a Long People/Cosmic Goo Crew final. Let’s make it happen.

Also, Long People for the title!


“all around me are Long People Long Faces…”


Finals time! Follow your heart (Long) people!


Uh oh, it’s exactly 50/50!


Oh my gosh. I’m genuinely torn. I am the mythical swing voter and should be interviewed in a diner, pronto!


Long People…makes me think of the Little People in Murakami’s 1Q84 , except they are long instead of tiny.
“The dead goat’s mouth stretched to an impossible length, and the Long People walked out, getting taller as they emerged until their heads brushed the ceiling of the tiny hut.”

Gets my vote


My Father’s Long, Long People by Michael Lutz


They had to digitally scan the belly of 20 different breeds of ponies to perfectly get the galloping “feel” down for each individual pony in the game. They even have the rare Karakachan pony license. No other pony racing game has that!

Vote for the most detailed of all pony racers.


You all will pay for what you did to Cosmic Goo Crew


Cosmic Goo Rue,


We should be on the lookout for a Cosmic Goo Coup


how could we have been such cosmic goo fools