Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion


Sounds like we have a case of Cosmic Goo Blues.


kicks sand dejectedly Cosmic Grue would have been cooler anyway.


I guess we’ll just have to wait for Cosmic Goo Two


Cosmic Goo Crew Two: Super Goo Boogaloo


New Comic Goo Crew:
Ascendence of the Blue LaGOOn


One crew, two crew
cosmic, goo crew


Can’t believe nobody took the sequel yet, which is of course Cosmic Goo Cr2w.


Wait, so did I miss it? who ended up winning?


Long people? Wrong, people.


oh no did it really lose? :open_mouth:


Long People won, by an 8% margin.

(It wasn’t the strongest option in the tournament as a whole, but I do think it was the strongest in the final, by far. IMO, the pairings in the early stages led to a lot of the better titles duking it out fairly early on - the fact that Mafia Swan, The RollerCoaster Witness, Frogger Romancing Extreme, XCOM: So Unknown and Gal:Arisen were all in the same, incredibly strong, bracket; whilst Long People had a relatively easier time of it in one of the weaker sets…)