Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Quarterfinals) (Only a few hours left!)

Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament

It can be fun to imagine what impossible games, games yet to be made or to daydream about games hinted at and promoted and never made. After using notyourbear’s project which generated a list of fake games in their thread moderator Cookieuniverse (myself) had the idea for a tournament.

64 fake games have been generated and we’re going to see which of them will come out on top. Each voting period will be 48 hours. Vote because of how the title sounds, vote because your vision of it appeals to you, or vote for whatever reason you may have! We’ve made a discussion thread and would love to hear you talk about these games and names and say your reasons.

As an extension of that we’re having a sub-event! We’ve chosen 8 games, and encourage everyone to write a back of the box for their favorite game from that list! The link for this is also below.

Bracket: Which fake game name do you like the most? - Challonge


The tournament is structured in this way: there will be a set of 1-on-1 matches, in each the winner of each goes to the next round. We will have 48-hour polls for all rounds. We will break up the first round, with all 64 games, into four groups of of 16.

We’ll be making a thread with each set of polls, so please keep on coming back!

If you have any questions, let us know in the discussion thread.

We look forward to seeing your votes. Pick the funniest, pick your favourite, pick the one you use the most. Let’s have some fun.



  • Mafia Swan
  • The Rollercoaster Witness

0 voters

  • R.B.I. Batman
  • Pony Turismo

0 voters

  • Tony Assassin’s HD
  • Cosmic Goo Crew

0 voters

  • NBA Dad 2k9
  • Long People

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