Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Games Tournament: Back of the Box


Hello everyone,

As part of the Made Up Games Tournament, we are holding a sub-event in relation.

We have chosen 8 games from the bracket, and want people to write descriptions for them. What do you think these games would be? These descriptions can be as earnest or as silly as you want them to be as long as they keep within forum rules. We encourage users to make a post with the title of their chosen game in bold with a subsequent back of the box description (around 150 words). We also encourage users to note what the genre or play-style of their games would be.

The eight games are:

  • Darkest Motorsport Dungeon
  • Nights: Shippuden: Rage Dreams
  • Frogger Romancing Extreme Sleuth 2
  • Tom Ocean
  • Mafia Swan
  • UFC NBA 2k17
  • Flower Breed Flames
  • Gal: Arisen

Have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Round 1 Part 2, closing soon, vote now!)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Finale)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Semifinals)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Quarterfinals) (Only a few hours left!)
Waypoint's Magnificent Made-Up Game Tournament (Round 2, last hours, vote now!)

Frogger Romancing Extreme

After spending their life crossing roads, Frogger is finally ready to go down the road to true love. In the revolutionary new FMV game, you will be playing Frogger’s best friend, Toadie, as you help Frogger sort their life out, and simultaneously find amphibious love of your own.

You’ll write newspaper personals! Shop for the best amphibian clothing! Go speed dating! Even help Frogger find a new job in the wake of the burst of the road-crossing bubble! Every desicion you make will have consequences!

All in glorious full motion 320x224 video, and starring professionally trained frog actors!

Enter a new era of gaming, and find yourself some slimey love today in Frogger Romancing Extreme!

Only on Sega CD


Tom Ocean

The development team behind Tom Land and Tom Sky returns with the thrilling third installment of their epic action rpg series. The elite TOM (Tactical Operations: Mechanized) squad must now face down the Sanction Agenda PMC in an all new theatre of operations: the ocean…and BELOW.

Combine hundreds of TOM parts and weapons for nearly limitless customization of your team’s loadout for a stealth approach, all out combat…or romance!


Flower Breed Flames

It’s been 300 years since it was found out that the flower velonos had both magical and medicinal properties. 250 since the kingdom of Noderia rose to prominence and prospered on velonos trade. 3 since a growing shortage of Velonos lead to all out war in Noderia and the surrounding region.

Travel the continent as the princess of Noderia, alongside a crew formed by chance, a she sets out to find the source of the shortage and stop the resultant war. Use the small remaining supply of velonos for the spells your troupe needs, to heal their wounds and to fund the materials you so badly need. Experience a groundbreaking combination of survival game and real-time RPG as you use the petals of a dying flower as stepping stones to peace.

This winter, when a vital resource is lost, Flower Breed Flames.


Darkest Motorsport Dungeon

The True Race Against Madness Begins

Join the race to awaken the dreaming god! Can you survive a high speed journey through your own subconscious fears?
Customize your rider with their own horrible flaws and secret perversions! Unlock the eldrich secrets of the BMX dimension.

12 GB minimum storage space required

Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion

I would play this Forza expansion


Ive noticed almost every box back has a tag line, some double or even triple down on it. I like the back of Dark Souls 3 because the tag is in English and French:


It’s biological imperative versus habitat fragmentation in Frogger Romancing Extreme, the newest title from WWF Marin Studios! Guide Croak (Lily Tomlin) in her cross-interstate odyssey to find a suitable mate (choose from ten available specimens!), escape from native predators and feral pets, and find her way back to Deepbottom Swamp to spawn. Can you out-leap the following environmental catastrophes?

  • Mine Tailings Runoff
  • Mismanaged Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Project
  • Invasion of the Carp
  • Agriculture-Induced SoCal Drought
  • Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot
  • Climate Change

The precipitous population decline of virtually all amphibian species is cause for concern—and for THRILLS!

Featuring Bill Nighy, Stanley Tucci, Denzel Washington, Viggo Mortensen, Andre Braugher, Sting, Robert Sean Leonard, Angela Lansbury, Edward James Olmos, and Paul Newman (suitors); Tim Curry and Lucy Liu (the Tabbies); David Attenborough (narration); and twenty hours of original frog songs arranged by Brian Eno.


UFC NBA 2k17

What if the people on the court could punch each other? We forgot to update the roster, oopsies! Sports.


Gal: Arisen

You can’t keep a good gal down

Who is she? Why is she here? WHY CAN’T SHE DIE??? Set in the 1970s, players take on the role of a young woman who mysteriously wakes up in a small Alabama town after a tragic plane crash, only to discover…this isn’t the first time this has happened?

Gather clues, solve puzzles, and chat with the locals in this adventure visual novel to unravel a gripping tale of survival and never-ending revival.

Now available on Nintendo Switch.


Gal: Arisen

Your wife has taken a new job… and she’s not much of a morning person!

Play a wide collection of frantic, fast paced mini-games as you support your wife as she stumbles through her morning routine. Reminder her not to brush her teeth before her morning orange juice, don’t let her leave without her wallet, and point out that her pants still have a noticeable coffee stain.

Want your friends to join in on the fun? Our multiplayer modes, Keeping Up WIth The Joneses and Polyamory allow players to support their wives competitively or cooperatively in local or online play.

Mornings are rough, but they turn to pure chaos when the Gal is… Arisen.


So, in addition to the original 8, we also want to encourage people to do write ups of the quarter finalists, if they feel so engaged!

They are:

  • Mafia Swan
  • The Rollercoaster Witness
  • R.B.I. Batman - Pony Turismo
  • Tony Assassin’s HD
  • Cosmic Goo Crew
  • NBA Dad 2K9
  • Long People

The ones people wrote already are really amazing and we’re sure anything you might write would be great!

Waypoint's Magnificent Made Up Game Tournament: Discussion

The Rollercoaster Witness

[audio tape start]
“‘During the time of making observation in my dreams, the process of waking up was a rather fearful one. As you’re beginning to wake up there’s a moment when you feel rigid and tied down, or underneath many layers of cotton batting. It’s hard to explain, but there’s a moment when you get the feeling you can’t get out; you’re not sure you can wake up. So I would have to tell myself — after I was awake — that that’s ridiculous. There’s no disease I know of where a person falls asleep naturally and can’t wake up. You can always wake up. And after talking to myself many times like that, I became less and less afraid, and in fact I found the process of waking up rather thrilling — something like a roller coaster.
Richard Feynman.”
[audio tape end]


Long People

It’s a loooong way down…

All people are different. Every human being has their own unique abilities that make them special among the entire human population. This is what makes humanity so special.

Some situations are not solvable by common-or-garden human beings. Some cats are in trees too tall to fall out of. Some dogs are down wells too deep to be excavated. Some treasure is too far away.

This is why we must be thankful for the Long People, who will save our cats, rescue our dogs, and steal all of the treasure for themselves!

Releasing 05/05/2055


Cosmic Goo Crew

If you need goo, just call the crew

The universe cries, it is barren.
A cosmos of dry and infertile rock.
What’s that? Over the Horizon?
It’s the Cosmic Goo Crew!

Cover all planetary bodies with slime in this exciting 3D adventure


The Splatoon / No Man’s Sky crossover we have all been waiting for!


Tony Assasain’s HD (Happy Driver)

Don’t let the name fool you…this is one serious(ly funny) racer!

Tony always dreamed of competing in a racing league, but he always found the participants to be a bit too mean. So he started his own! Compete in the Happy Drivers Racing League today, the friendliest of competition! :blue_heart:

<3 Pick your vehicle with dozens of types to choose from like The Boogie Board, Compassion Cart, and Love Buggy!

<3 Race on some of the most pleasant courses you’ve ever seen, including the Hyperamusment Park, Land of Honey & Milk, and Field of Sweet Dreams!

<3 Cruise your way to victory with the help of fun items and power ups including the Love Magnet and Friendly Fire!

(This title Includes microtransactions and lootboxes)


“I rode to Marielda from the east. It took me many years, and it took me no time at all. And in the first bar I stopped at, I met a woman who told me that this city was full of sin and fire, and I should never visit.”

Assume the role of archaeologist exploring the ruins of a mysterious, once grand city. None of the rules seem to apply. Sediments, rock formations, carbon dates of petrified trees, none of them make sense. Shuffled and confused as the evidence is, you were drawn to this place.

“You and everyone else that knows about this ‘heat and the dark’ has been so afraid of it, they haven’t noticed that the true heat they need to fear has been right in front of them this entire time.”

Whispers, fragments. Tall tales of heroes and gods. Whispers of villains. Echoes of fancy. A tiny number of surviving stories passed down tell of a grand meeting of the divine. Most, only of destruction, of chaos. All of death. All of sorrow.

“You ever wonder what causes a god to declare war? Because you should be pondering that particular question by now… …Fear. Fear is why people go to war… …what makes a thing like that afraid?”

The search for the truth has long prodded the ruins. At long last, it seems someone may have found answers. Problem is, now those people can’t be found. People are disappearing. More whispers, more echoes of the lost. Something in the shadows got poked. Something that lived to tell the tale. Will you?

From the makers of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Long People