We All Want More Zelda—But What Do We Want, Exactly?

Have a chat on our forums about what the ‘Breath of the Wild’ DLC might have in store for us.

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Doesn’t everybody want that Tingle outfit???


The Phantom armour is also pretty choice!

I’m with Mike, I’d love for Zelda to be playable in the 2nd DLC pack.

Even better, it is set in the past and we can play as all four champions.

I don’t really care. I just want more.

I’m hoping the 1st DLC pack releases after Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight so I can start my second playthrough.

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Playable Zelda, end of story.
The real improvement I want from Zelda game is do better Queer characters.


Playing as Zelda or one of the four champions would be awesome.
A whole new story would be ideal, but from the info they have already released about the second DLC it sounds like maybe a building of some kind will rise up on the map we already are familiar with. Hopefully it will be a substantial dungeon - or even better, a new section of the map will be revealed. But either way, I would guess that is in addition to the story we have already played, not a new story.
I would love for them to just tunnel out an underground world beneath the current map. The poking around that takes place in the castle is some of the most rewarding exploration in the game and the current map has far too few caves and tunnels.
I also would love to take that flying machine hanging in Purah’s research facility out for a spin.

I’m only about 6 hours in so maybe I just haven’t found it yet, but I’d love some system of interaction with the wildlife that isn’t mounting/capturing/killing them.

Please let me sneak up on a fox to pet it.

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More dungeons. Having all of the shrines is nice, but having even two more brand new dungeons, preferably maybe something like four, would be pretty cool.

I also really want more wildlife. It feels like there’s maybe five to seven types of wildlife that they palette swap for each region. It’s the exact same model, just a different color. Sometimes they do a model swap (goats turn in to rhinos in some areas but the behavior is identical) but just having more unique stuff to sneak around and photograph would be great.

The same goes for enemies. I like fighting Bokoblins, but again, there’s maybe five or six enemy types in the whole game, and you mostly only encounter bokoblins and lizalfos. I put almost 200 hours in to Zelda over the course of a single month, so I’m not exactly unhappy with what we already have, but more variety would be a big plus.

I don’t want Zelda to be playable for the sake of it. I want her to have her own experience that’s meaningful and distinct from Link and the nature of how he plays. I don’t think I’d get that from Zelda DLC in BotW. I’d rather she have her own game where she and her gameplay are the focus and not something shoehorned.


More complex, involved side quests. They were one of the more lackluster components of the base game; if I could have more stuff like Tarry Town in the next DLC, I’d be more than content.


I know they’re already planning a higher difficulty mode but I REALLY wish it wasn’t just “higher tier enemies replace lower tier ones.”

I wanted a like. Survival mode. Or something.

spoilers for the ending, but I’d be happy even if the story DLC was set after the existing game with Link and Zelda travelling Hyrule together, even if you weren’t playing as Zelda, the memories of those two travelling together were some of my favourite bits. I don’t know if the engine is really wired up to do something like that in a satisfying way though.

This is 100% what I want. As the ending wrapped and Zelda and Link began to ride off into Hyrule, all I wanted—all I wanted—was to play their journey of going around and catching up with all the various people and cultures


Please, Nintendo,

Just let me pet the dogs


Persona but in the Zelda universe.

I want Zelda games on PC. I don’t expect it to happen for new Zelda games but pre- Wii would be awesome.

I second this, something like the Teeny Town side quest but tied into this would be super cool to see.

Zelda playable or just as a companion could be awesome (I really thought this Zelda would have companions, given that you can do it with an Amiibo and how much they were referencing Skyrim early on). Also a new land mass, maybe a group of elaborate island colonies connected via deep underground tunnels or accessible over the water.

As a side note - I think I’d prefer it in the sequel, but some kind of new ability rune could change the entire game. No idea what that would be though.

Honestly, I would really, really love a sequel/prequel set in pre-Calamity open-world Hyrule.

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Actually this, yes! I spent a lot of time wondering what this world would look like teeming with life, the castle being a hub of activity, hyrule field bustling with people going about their day to day tasks.

Probably too much to ask realistically, but yesssssss