We Answer Your E3 Questions, Such As: Is Microsoft Single Black Coffee?

In our pre-E3 extravaganza, Austin, Rob, Ptarick and Danielle discuss hopes and fears for E3, one of the biggest, loudest expos for games each year. They discuss nightmare scenarios, dream games, and the hilarity that ensues when this many people crowd a convention center with too many games!

Discussed: Metal Wolf Chaos, Prey, Bloodborne, Front Mission 5, our E3 hopes and fears.

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Somebody needs to explain the coffee thing to me

“single black coffee” - ego
“we have food at home” - superego
“mcdonalds x3” - id

btw dont know the differnce between ego and superego

oh my god that push up story felt like my attention got yanked by the neck.

Edit: I would also like to cash in my foodbits

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I went to Dreamhack ATX last weekend and I had a similar experience as Patrick and Austin with a game demo. Y’all this game ran terrible, was covered in default UE4 materials, the concept of it was completely bland and boring, it played like garbage, and these people were really nice and flew in from out of the country to demo it.

How do you tell someones happy cheerful face at a fun event asking for feedback that they should just select all the files that game is composed of an hit the delete key because there is no salvaging this thing?

Superego is the nagging guilt that tells you to go hide in the cupboard til everything is better. The ego mediates between the superego\Id and reality.


okay so tight, nailed it


Ah yes, Cologne, a whole 300 miles away from the previous European games expo centre in London (ECTS, those were some fun days).

<USians try to work out how you can move more than a couple of major cities away in that distance>