We Are Watch Underscore Dogs Legion

Yep! Watch_Dogs 3 got leaked and I wanted to get this thread up early just for that title pun.

It’s confirmed to be set in London where hopefully there will be the surveillance state and lack of guns implied and as people have expressed wanting.

The kicker here sadly seems to not be that Marcus and Wrench hooked up after Watch_Dogs 2 but that in this game you will be able to:

Play as anyone, Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems

I look forward to the underwhelming but satisfactory execution filled with 7-10 NPC voices.

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I didn’t expect “Everything” to be a game whose mechanics made the jump to AAA, but this sounds wild.


This is secretly a Driver San Francisco sequel.


NPCs, once they’re recruited, will have their voices hacked to be a combination of voices mashed together. A voice of a legion if you will.

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do we get to throw the Iconic Hat onto NPCs and that’s how this works

please tell me that’s how it works


That sounds potentially interesting, but I’d rather have a full fledged narrative sequel to Watch Dogs 2, and being able to just switch to any npc seems like it would dilute that a lot


So, what’s the ACTUAL hook here?

As an NPC, do you just get a text that reads, ‘join the revolution lol’ and then just start HACKING cars and shooting cops?

I’d imagine there must be some kind of narrative reason why a random citizen would just join Dedsec. And if you die as that NPC, do you have to find another? Does this mean leveling is gone?

I don’t think it needs to mean that.

Assuming this isn’t the stealth Syndicate prequel we all want, I imagine you’ll be actively recruiting people throughout the game, and once you’ve recruited someone they become playable.

so, like, if you need to break into the nudle office, you COULD send in your heavy bruiser and shoot your way through, OR you could start a conversation with someone your super invasive hacking tools pick up as a nudle employee, you take them out to dinner, you radicalize them, and then just have them walk through the doors.

What I’m saying is, if this isn’t a 3D Liberal Crime Squad I’m going to be Quite Upset

Edit: Also what I meant to point out is that there’s no reason you can’t have a fixed support team in the background, and most of the levelling in Watch_Dogs is about improving your tools.

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I so hope you’re right about this, because it sounds pretty fantastic.

God damn I cant wait to hear a bunch of Grime and Drill, also drive cars that aren’t stereo-typically american. So much interesting opportunity setting a game in a UK city, even the way our cities are laid out are completely different.

I loved doing my pacifist run in Watch_dogs 2 and can’t wait to see what this game brings to the table.

However ‘post-brexit Britain’, that could be a difficult line to tread, I hope they pull it off.

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Sounds bad precisely because the idea sounds exciting and ambitious, which means that since it’s coming from a massive publisher that tends to stick close to familiar trends and mechanics, the execution will be disappointing.

So, another Watch_Dogs game, in other words.

Waiting to see the unexpected ways this will be racist/sexist/homophobic. Wouldn’t be an open world Ubisoft game without one of those!


Far Cry 5.


How many The Getaway references will there be?

I hope you can lean on walls to recover from bullet wounds.

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Yeah, i’m not holding my breath.
Hopefully they full out laugh at how ridiculous the country is being through the whole ordeal.

Yeah I wonder where they shoehorn in a stereotype, working class council estates, the black British, eastern Europeans, our Asian population or will they recreate the weird amount of TERFs the UK seems to have

secret npc locations:

the foreman - on top of the construction site. his yell radius is 2x larger than other npcs
bank robber - she is setting up a heist under the central bank. enter the sewers and find her with her drill in the tunnel on the right. her stealth is very high (but so is her wanted level!!)
moriarty - he is on the roof of the building to the south of the cathedral, overlooking the cemetary. to recruit him you must answer three riddles. for the answer to the last riddle, choose [say nothing]. he can double jump


I am… really into Watch_Dogs. Yes, even the first one, as problematic and bad as it was.

WD2 was a massive improvement over that mess of a game…

I am concerned about what this new thing might end up being.


So is this like MindJack in London or what?

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jeremy clarkson: found picketing outside BBC Television center, may summon fast cars using his mobile phone, causes random wanted level jumps due to offensive tweeting

the yorkshireman: special talk ability: “story about the Dales”, puts NPC Guards in radius to sleep for 0-5 minutes (random). may be found wandering lost around King’s Cross, transfer ticket in hand


Mindjack: London is such a better title for a game holy shit


I cannot wait for the official reveal when they talk about how very non political post brexit English dystopia is.

I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me until now, but actually London is actually a great setting choice because most cops shouldn’t have guns, right?

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