We Are Watch Underscore Dogs Legion

If this game is going to have guns in it (which it probably will) I REALLY hope that the less than lethal and non-lethal weapons they patched into and added via dlc in 2 are there from the jump.

On paper there should be next to no police with guns. In major cities here you’ll see specificly trained armed police around train stations, airports, political hubs and big tourist zones. But in general no there should be few guns if any. But no doubt the game will be set in The City where armed police presence is high for potential terrorism reasons. I doubt you’ll visit areas people actually live, residential areas and council estates where police presence is near nothing and they certainly aren’t armed with anything more than a baton and maybe a taser

@EXWeis fingers crossed that option is there from the start, I didn’t even know they were in the second, other than the starting taser.

It’s a real bummer that the only non/less than lethal weapon at launch was the taser. Most people only played that version of the game and I feel like it drove people towards the guns and away from what actually makes that game great… sitting forty feet outside of a building and completing all tasks via drone/rc car and then knocking a cop on his ass with a bean bag shotgun and booking it out of there if you get caught lol

Edit: correction. It’s not a bean bag shotgun. It’s an air cannon and it rules.


You just summed up my experience with WD2.

It was a much better non-lethal game than the original (which you could usually complete with just cameras anyway), but it still got boring eventually. Still enjoyed it enough to 100% the game =)

Looking forward to this one. The NPC thing is weird and my instinct is to not trust it, BUT it’s hard for me to knock anything Ubi has done recently. Even if it wasn’t my thing (For Honor, for instance), execution has been satisfactory on the whole.


Watch Dogs 3 will let you ‘tine the queen.

“Defend Buckingham Palace from Insert Corporate Paramilitary here” will 100% be the second-last mission of this game.

Which Stormzy line while our hero quote in the demo? Who is their Corbyn stand-in who’s a bit too left of the dial for old Ubi? E3’s gonna be a trip.

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Wow, I can’t believe in late game Watch_Dogs Legion, HRH Queen Elizabeth II brought out the toolkit she’s had since the forties and personally made Deadsec a suped up hacker Range Rover.

Edit: Hey, remember the end of AC Syndicate when the Fry twins turned down serving Queen Victoria and instead kindly suggested that she end her empire building ways? Sure, that seemed like a soft take then but in the post-Brexit Britain it seems like any take that Britain ever did anything bad is gonna cause a fuss.

Also there better be copious AC Syndicate callbacks because those two franchises share a universe.

… Shaun from ACII appears as the only English citizen in the Assassins as everyone else is busy trying to get long term visas.

Edit II:

How many Clash songs will be tactlessly placed on this game’s soundtrack?

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not a good look there




However, if it really is just coded revolutionary communism […]

Highly unlikely to get even that. At best it will be pseudo-“anarchist” anonymous aesthetic “rise up” bs in face of an increasing surveillance state with lots of edgy rhetoric that will be so pretentious and messed up, it will loop around to being centrist with nothing to say about the real world status quo, besides that it’s the best we can have and needs to be protected against the coming bad deeds of bad people (we have too many of those stories already). No analysis of capital, political economy, no class struggle, no real movement. Just empty aesthetics and rhetoric. The plot will of course do and show what it needs to do and show, as this is obviously not the real world, but fully in the hands of the writers, no matter if it isn’t convincing at all.

My expectations are so low, I would be surprised if I still end up being disappointed.

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We already know that this is likely a cynical marketing move to rope in young online reactionaries. But quite clever, as plausible deniability exists: “We simply wanted to reference our new mechanic”.

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Yeaaah, I know.

Also, thanks I hate it.

Part of me highly doubts that this is a concencious alt right whistle. So you know I suppose it’s real bad that I wouldn’t be shocked if it was

Edit: I shouldn’t say all that. It’s just been a real bad day

Ubisoft: so you see, each Watch_Dogs game occupies a different space within the political compass… not that these games are political. They’re not.

Ubisoft is the ultimate neolib games publisher because any coherent political stance is something they can adapt into marketing their many interchangeable open-world products.

Real Adorno hours going on with WatchunderscoreDogs right here.

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  1. seems kind of fucked up to make your game about an actual current political crisis

  2. that “play as any npc” stuff sounds like some shadow of mordor procgen orcs stuff and I bet that’ll be really meaningless and oatmealy

Yeah I got it at launch and played it through last year and still weren’t aware of the non lethal options, if I remember rightly I don’t think I even looked at the guns at the printer as it just took me so far out the game. Why would Marcus be mindlessly killing people?

In the UK with class being arguably the biggest divide in the country, for WD3 to take any ‘political’ stance and skip class relations would be complete disingenuous bs.

I’m ready to be disappointed but I hope they manage to pull something special off

Fuck Rage 2. This will be my Rage 2.

100% we’re getting “Police On My Back”, “London Calling” and “I fought the Law”. My question is are we going to get “Rock the Casbah” for no reason as well as “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”

Maybe they’ll throw in “Police and Thieves” for good measure just to be extra on the nose about what this game is going to pretend to be. I just think there’s no way we get less than two clash songs. And I’m almost willing to bet a ha’penny that the reveal trailer has a clash song in it. Either that or Skepta.