We Asked Eight Studios From Across The World How They Deal with Crunch


Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, like E3, are the premier gaming conventions for hundreds of thousands of developers, fans, and industry professionals working in Europe and Japan. Both shows bring a wide range of people together, from independent developers living in Sweden to powerhouse studios with thousands of employees in Osaka.

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Yeah, i’m not super convinced with the square enix answer here.


It wouldn’t be one of these articles without the PR handler butting in, huh? Glad to see this series continue, even if the responses remain worrisome. Kono’s seemingly legitimate excitement over having one extra day off per month hit particularly close to home. :frowning:


Good to hear the team behind Ace Combat 7, my most anticipated game of 2019, aren’t burning themselves out just to bring me pretty fighter jets.


I had to pause reading the article because this statement has me very worried about the people working at 4A Games.

Edit: I just had to pause again after reading the answers Square Enix gave. Holy shit!


That is a super Japanese Work Culture answer.


YEESH that Square-Enix stuff is bad.


“I didn’t expect to find a developer work this late at night. How long you been here?”
“Oh, I don’t know, I guess ten, twelve hours maybe. Why do you ask?”
“You must be striking a good work-life balance, getting a lot of rest.”
“Oh, uh, I’m doing all right. I could do better, but… Oh, I get it, Waypoint, back on that old, ‘Crunch is not necessary to games production and is yet another way workers are abused in capitalism’ kick, right?”
“Not back on it, I’m still on it.”

Real talk, I am glad that this interview series is continuing. It can be disheartening to see how many higher-ups act completely oblivious to the problems in crunch culture. Some of the responses are genuinely infuriating. But also, it’s a bummer to hear that even small teams like on Bad North also have trouble moderating crunch. I’ve heard from a lot of smaller devs that this kind of crunch happens, and I also feel like you hear about similar things happening in other creative mediums, too. I’m glad to see a lot of devs are at least acknowledging its an issue.