We Celebrate 200 Episodes of Waypoint Radio with a Slew of Games


Episode 200 of Waypoint Radio is here! And we worked hard to ensure that it is the quintessential episode. No special guests or new segments or live bands, no, this puppy is stuffed to the brim with the games we've been playing. Austin and Rob have both Red Dead Redemption 2 updates and a sort of Subterfuge post-mortem. Danielle has further thoughts on Call of Cthulhu and a very fun, very 90s-fantastic racing game in Grip: Combat Racing. Natalie has her hands full with Dark Souls and Red Dead as well. And Austin has an extra-special robot game to share with all you replicants out there.

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May be something on my end, but there’s some audio problems around minute 48.


lol i thought my computer was dying


I am surprised at myself by how disappointed I am that Rob and Waypoint etc. doesn’t say L’Occitaine correctly.


Let me tell ya, as someone who is, presumably, quite a bit farther than Austin and Rob in RDR2’s story, it only gets fucking weirder that you can punch that one suffragette once even more of Arthur’s outlook is revealed.


It’s the timeless player action vs. character action Rockstar problem, isn’t it?


Nah, I got it too.

I think it’s an issue on Danielle’s mic.


I’m confused as to what exactly happened in the game. They went through all these details about game theory and the deeper significance of what happened, but didn’t actually give an account of how the game ended or why. Did somebody win? Did they all give up?

Rob’s reports last year on the podcast about his Subterfuge experience were so good it got me hooked on this podcast in the first place, so I’m pretty disappointed the game collapsed like this.


Yeah, I don’t wanna get too nosy into what happened since it seems like they were all kinda upset by it and spiked the series, but talking around it does make me curious. The way Austin phrased it almost made it sound like the “mystery player” was someone he didn’t want to be publicly associated with but again, I shouldn’t assume too much. I hope it didn’t ruin any friendships and obviously I totally respect if they don’t wanna talk about it any further. It was still a great discussion regardless.


I enjoyed Austin’s comment on not wanting to beat Dark Souls again. I found myself sucked back in (haven’t played it since 2012) and have put all other games on hold until I get through it. For whatever reason I just find it really difficult to play another game while I am in souls mode. “I could be farming some titanite chunks right now” seems to just float around at the back of my mind if I open anything else up.

And for the record Blighttown is smooth like butter.


Not really related to the episode but I just wanted to mention that this episode’s ad for me was a Lego Duplo ad lol?? That’s a new one haha.


Shout outs to pod racer for being very much a game of its time. I remember there was a code you could enter that let you control the trust of your right and left engines using two N64 controllers, which is similar to how pod racer arcade played.


What I got out of it was that the hidden player was a high-level Subterfuge player, and Austin and Rob felt gas-lit by this being kept from them. It also sounded like players were pushing boundaries with the way they acted in chat.


I think they spiked the series because it wasn’t a fair game. The whole game was an elaborate Halloween prank, not a thing where they could potentially succeed and win fairly, as I’m understanding it.


Who’s the piece of shit Austin wound up saving in Red Dead?



He’s the Ben Foster stand in of the group.


I tried reloading to fix the audio in the middle, so I ended up getting the duplo ad 4 times <_<

Also, all this talk of defining boundaries in subterfuge makes me want to polish off those Gundam Diplomacy rules I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while. I feel there’s real importance in designing your games in such a way as to promote safe play (which is something subterfuge and diplomacy really don’t do) >_<


While not on the level of I’m sure Austin’s pain, that Subterfuge news was a punch to the gut. After Rob’s riveting depiction of his game on the podcast, to have Austin join and know that there would be write-ups on the site made my heart fill with joy. It was perfect. To know that someone ruined it…dang that’s a lot.