We Chat About 'Beyond Good and Evil 2' and More on Waypoint Radio


We report on 'Beyond Good and Evil 2,' 'The Last Night,' and so much more from the show floor.

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There was a point about “what Ubisoft means by ‘our support’” and maybe it means crowdfunding or open development but it really feels like they want us to approach this game just like fans approached Star Citizen. This game exists in its own plane with a huge community that doesn’t seem to overlap with many others, yet still manages to bring in a lot of money to the table.

I think here, they’re really willing to engage with a possible community that will connect with the way this game has been pitched and BG&E does have this subset of die hard fans who are ready to spread the word on what this game can be, and I believe Star Citizen was propped up with a huge vocal but extremely small community that managed to sell an ambition.

Considering the way Ubisoft makes games, I think they really want to try bringing new ways to be a part their products out of a sense of consumer identity. BG&E is that big game that a lot of people love, and here’s this huge universe with a lot of cool characters like a 3D movie you would be stoked to see on film. A game of this caliber will invariably be a game as a service with a constant stream of content and a better implementation of micro-transactions in its world : clothes, spaceships, weapons, even new races to play. Heck maybe even expansions. Star Citizen has shown that it can happen and I think their own games like Rainbow Six Siege has shown that people sticks to games much more than they used to (and this one was coming back from hell).

Now, the issue is…It’s BG&E baby, it’s a cute french zelda-like and 95% of us fans wanted a simple follow-up being a cool photographer with exotic music in the background. Not an expansive world in No Man’s Sky territory.

I trust Michel Ancel, he’s our national pride. I just think he has a lot of convincing to do over this one, but he was right to not show his hand too quickly considering the early state the game is in. I really think they’re going to nurture that sense of wonder born from the trailer (and it was on POINT).


As someone who works in a creative field, taking feedback and redoing work massively expands how long anything takes. That makes me sceptical about how involved they can really make the general audience without either hugely increasing their workload or having to frequently disregard the responses they get (which is a fair option but would frustrate fans).


So true. My first guess is they will use feedback on systems/tools already in place (e.g. the pieces of a city are already created, but are then assembled based on fan input).


Really interesting discussion on The Last Night. I wasn’t familiar with the developer and I only vaguely remember the game preview.

Personally as someone who makes music, the message in art is a lot of the time the journey of figuring out what the message is. I think it can equally be as thought provoking as oftentimes the elders take their arithmetic for granted because they’re so concentrated on the calculus and theory. It can be good and meaningful to revisit the basics.


They just put up the engine demo on youtube: