We Chat With 'HQ' Host Scott Rogowsky on Waypoint Radio

Things are a little bit different on this episode of Waypoint Radio. Today, Austin and Danika talk to the host of the trivia game phenomenon HQ, Scott Rogowsky, about his beginnings in stand-up comedy, the transient bliss of HQ, grappling with new found fame, what exactly counts as cheating (no googling!), and the development of the HQ community. Watch above, listen below, or head to your favorite podcatcher to check it out.

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He looks amazing for 58.

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if i ever need to check into a hotel under a false name you can bet its gonna be Fodget Soinner

Holy crap, I just started listening to this and I had no idea that Scott went to the same university I went to! Johns Hopkins! I almost took that same stand-up class.

His Baltimore accent is WAY off though.

I can’t forget Danika’s description of Scott on the original Waypoint Radio episode about HQ as “Brooklyn real estate guy who’s definitely gonna ask you out after showing you the apartment”


Damn this one was great. Quick responses, good chemistry on the mic, and an interesting talk.
You guys are good!