We Dig Deep into the Ol’ Question Bucket on Waypoint Radio

Video games have been especially busy lately, which means we’ve only had time for one or two questions at the end of most podcasts. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up for many, including everyone at Waypoint, we figured it was a good time to get our hands dirty in The Question Bucket. This helps explain why Danielle, Rob, and myself went on an extremely long tangent about garage culture, and how people lose their minds after moving to the suburbs. We talk about video games sometimes, too.

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@patrick.klepek, “Picross S” for Switch is a thing. It’s flat one, though.

Also, @Flitcraft, maybe it wasn’t about lawn lawn. Maybe neighbors were hitting on your dad. It gets lonely in the ‘burbs.

Patrick’s story about ‘neighbourhood warfare’ reminded me of a film I saw recently called Under the Tree, which was basically a very dark Icelandic comedy almost exactly about the same thing.

I recommend checking it out if you want a film about that.

Rob’s mentioning that like… all the wars we started around COD4 never really stopped? That whole thing kinda hit me hard when watching The Punisher this weekend. Having new media with a line about a parent having done many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of Korea/Vietnam, or a grandfather in WW2, etc. just… I don’t really know. Still haven’t settled from it being unsettling.

I’m so used to “old wars” being… old. Before I was really world-aware. I’ve had friends and family serve, classmates who were veterans, etc. but I think it was the first media I’ve run into which treated current wars as old wars. Maybe I just need to consume more media, but… hmm.


That’s something I think about often. When you’re watching movies and TV shows from now on take a good look at how many plots and themes center around PTSD, even if they don’t say so explicitly. I think ‘we’ are going to be paying for this for a long time.

On a completely different note I really enjoyed Patrick’s heckling this episode.

Thinking back to the AC-130 gunship mission from COD 4, I still kinda interpret that as being some sort of commentary on the emotional disconnect present when using technology to kill and maim from a distance. Like the drone strike debate wasn’t raging back then with the same intensity it was during the Obama years and I can’t help but feel that mission might have been a bit ahead of its time in making you feel uncomfortable with the nature of what was going on.

The gunship operator’s commentary, including stuff like “that’s one for the highlight reel” and “man that’s gotta hurt” as they blow people to bits from a safe distance was really dark and unsettling and stuck with me, and I can’t help thinking that must’ve been the point.

“None of our wars f—ing ended.” Rob Zacny’s Forever War analogy pretty much blew the doors off my morning commute.


I’ll chime in and confirm Rob’s story about weird garage culture.

It might just be an northern Indiana thing, but I moved to cul-de-sac last year where everyone’s got a garage. And I was also surprised to see that a few of my new neighbors seemed to enjoy spending their evenings just relaxing on a couch and/or lawn chairs immediately outside their garage. It was such a weird sight at first.

I believe it might just be a translation of porch sitting, which is pretty common in other older parts of town. So people with garages but no porch have just found a new expression of that.

They read my question, but real talk, it was already read on the podcast a year ago. I appreciated the discussion but you folks need to do a bucket purge.

Alternative suggestion: Only answer @Navster’s question from here on out.

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Navster’s Wife: "Honey, it’s getting late. Come to bed."
Navster: < cracks knuckles and fires up Gmail > “Sorry, I’ve been called for a higher purpose.”

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Just got to the part where Rob brings up the AC-130 mission from the first Modern Warfare. For years I thought everyone knew that that mission is based on gunner cam footage of a real life AC-130 mission in the Invasion of Afghanistan that leaked before the game came out. There’s even a lot of references in the COD mission to the leaked footage including the dialogue telling the player character not to fire on a church echoing the order in the video for the gunner to not fire on a mosque in the area.

Just like all those lazy Black Hawk Down references, I think it’s just another case of the Modern Warfare devs deciding to shallowly mimic a thing they thought was cool.

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Small ACast/technical question: did anyone else download this about as soon as it went up? (I used the direct download link)

Did you also get the mp3 for ep86? Just downloaded it again and got the right file but am wondering if I somehow managed to make a terrible mistake somehow (not entirely sure how that’d even happen).

Playing Pocket Camp , I think about how much more interesting a #GarageLife version would be.

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