We Discuss Developer Harassment, Xbox One X, And More on Waypoint Radio


Because it’s 2017, it’s impossible to go a day without something big, which is why me, Austin, Danika, and Rob spend a chunk of the podcast examining why some people end up harassing developers when they’re upset about a game. Later, Danika discusses her time with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s big DLC, The Frozen Wilds, Rob relays the confusion of entering the world of 4K with the Xbox One X, and Austin accidentally becomes a speedrunner.

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IMO the xdoink is not a bad PC substitute, especially when it comes to multiplatform games like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Dishonored 2, where the PC versions can suffer from either aggressive DRM or poor optimization.

Aside from a couple of MMOs and most MOBAs, I can’t think of many PC games that aren’t also playable on console in some form. Being the kid who had to invest tons of money to build a computer so they could finally play TF2 at a decent framerate, I’m a little jealous of people nowadays who can play Overwatch or the like on most any console they own.


I had a weird experience similar to Austin’s Astebreed situation years and years ago when I tried to play Rayman 1 on pc. The PC version runs on DOS, and the default Dosbox settings made the game run at triple speed on my machine. Rayman is already super hard as it is but getting through a large chunk of the game at super speed was trying


Aside from a couple of MMOs and most MOBAs, I can’t think of many PC games that aren’t also playable on console in some form.

Strategy games and CRPGs. Even if ports exist, it’s generally a lousy experience with a controller. Also, I’m one of those people who can’t play shooters with a controller. Trying to aim and move quickly with sticks is crippling.

That said, I play pretty much everything else on console. I bought an X1X and also own a gaming PC. Logical? Not really, but I can afford it and it’s my primary hobby so, eh.


The game difficulty discussion was interesting to me because I tend to align with Rob.

I constantly feel as though I’m playing a game wrong, especially when the game has some sort of “the way it’s meant to be played” difficulty setting.

The game I remember most for this was Deus Ex Human Revolution, which has it’s hardest difficulty labeled as “Give Me Deus Ex”.

Like what? So okay. I really like Deus Ex. I want that so I should pick this difficulty? But I’ve never played this game before so I should probably pick normal, but hell, according to Deus Ex that’s not Deus Ex, so I should pick hard. I ended up having a pretty terrible time with that game.


I really hope the AAA industry (whose record on ignoring hate groups is far from promising) are forced to make major changes to stop this being something they continue to allow to happen. Like, actual consequences for publishers who support harassers. Remember when Intel messed up so badly they mea culpa’d with a $300m investment in a diversity programme? Remember when Nintendo fired (harassed) workers at the request of hate groups and then everyone just forgot about it because they enjoyed a few recent releases?

At this point, I think AAA companies need to start including hazard pay. It’s possible you could claim the current compensation for customer-facing staff already includes remuneration that accounts for this. Every person who hate groups dig up to harass definitely does not. When executives are in a meeting about “disruptive” pricing models for established series with large user bases, one of the things they should absolutely be talking about in the cost or gains for the company is money to support staff and stop harassment. Because they’re the ones making high-level decisions about this anti-consumer/monetisation stuff and then letting the results of those decisions negatively affect their staff. Hazard pay. If you’re unable to provide a safe environment for your staff then you have to include hazard pay, you have to be upfront with workers about it, that your company cannot reduce this risk further and so must pay for staff to be able to protect and support themselves.

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