We Discuss Games That Only Appeared on Our GOTY List, Not Anyone Else's


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This is what I love about seeing other people’s list of games they see is the best of the year is knowing what many have missed (Many times I end up buying them on sale in the next year) and to see where these games stand in for the year.

I feel that Hollow Knight, outside of the many Waypointers who played it, is missed due to being release between big titles.


Yep, far beyond the value of ranking (even via completely transparent processes like the GB podcast deliberations) “top” games, it’s the ones that might otherwise slip through the cracks that really give the end of year formalities a purpose beyond endless back slapping.


lol Austin sounds like he’s so bored when he has to listen to someone talk.

Grappling class? Is Danielle secretly…


Bionic Commando?!